Profiting From Sickness!

I saw this post on another forum, and thought it would be worthwhile to post here.

This is fascinating stuff. I am not endorsing the Dr.’s website (you can Google that on your own), but he does PROVE scientifically that many of today’s virus outbreaks are manufactured in the lab alongside the vaccines which are then profitably marketed to humanity! Now, under these circumstances, how could people have the audacity to criticize even a fake or fraud who claims to heal with a prayer – let alone the genuine article?! This is a most important and vital question for ANYONE who is an active Christian.
Even though Dr. Horowitz makes an excellent case for “intelligent design” (many of us don’t need that, but some find it useful) he does travel outside his area of expertise when making New Age type conclusions. As usual, RUIHS (Read Under the Influence of the Holy Spirit)!

IATROGENICIDE: The Biotechnology, Politics, and Economics of Emerging Pandemics

A historic presentation before the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians by Dr. Horowitz, author of more than 15 books, including the national bestseller, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional? 
In this riveting presentation, Dr. Leonard Horowitz relays more than a decade of his research evidencing nefarious tinkering with microbial, plant, animal, and human biology befitting a massive conspiracy to place profits before people and population control before compassionate medicine. Dr. Horowitz presents solid proof that the most powerful industry on earth—the petrochemical–pharmaceutical cartel—aided by corruption, greed, and incompetence by officials in government, scientific organizations, and academic institutions, has seriously endangered the life and health of myriad forms on this chemically and pharmaceutically beleaguered planet. As documented in his national bestseller, and in his scientific text, DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral, Dr. Horowitz documents the man-made sources of the world’s most deadly viruses and catastrophic illnesses. He evidences, like no one has ever done, academic and political malfeasance and fraud in public health and modern medicine afflicting the world’s populations. In fact, the massive killing and injuring of people through contaminated vaccines, intoxicated blood-supplies, injurious drugs, poisoned waters, polluted airways, dangerous chemicals, and genetically modified foods is best defined as genocide, as all of this is conducted and rationalized for profit and political expedience. Examples provided by Dr. Horowitz in this historic lecture include: the origin of AIDS from corporate labs to gay Americans and Black Africans through experimental hepatitis B vaccines administered during the early 1970s; exploding cancer rates that were predicted and expedited due to recklessly irresponsible health officials protecting their jobs and grants; heart disease scams perpetrated upon the unsuspecting miseducated masses; unprecedented new flu-like illnesses involving military laboratories developed for profit and population control; new immune suppressive germs and chemical co-factors developed and released to prompt Gulf War-like illnesses long before the first Iraqi invasion; and diabetic pandemics linked to insulin production by genetically modified yeast spread environmentally and through our current food supplies. Dr. Horowitz provides these examples and more as an urgent plea for a return to scientific integrity and human sanity in this graphic and unparalleled lecture DVD. 

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