3 comments on “Christian News Alerts

  1. Hi. I am a fellow Christian trying to spread the word about my upcoming KIndle book titled “When Angels Lie: Celsetial Fingerprints”. It explores the idea of the prophecy in Revelation being fulfilled ny an ‘alien’ antichrist. It adheres to scripture and is a different perspective on what is really going on behind the scenes of the world today. Check out ((and subscribe to) my blog for the upcoming book here on wordpress @http://whenangelslie.wordpress.com/. God Bless. Keep your eyes on the skies.

    • Greetings Daniel! Your book sounds VERY interesting! I hope people will have the sense to take a look at it. Your premise has quite a bit of supportive evidence, from my point of view. Thanks for checking in. It’ll be my pleasure to encourage readers to check your book out!

    • Greetings Daniel,
      I went over to your blog and enjoyed it very much!
      If you take a look at my extensive library list, you’ll see several books that track with your point of view! As I said earlier, I’ll be very happy to recommend your book/blog!
      Yours in the Risen Lord,

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