2012! 2012! 2012!

The problem with all the hype about 2012 is the same for 2000: Once nothing happens, people will think that they are somehow in the clear! Nothing could be further from the truth! Just ask anyone who lives in “tornado alley” “monsoon / typhoon territory” or any of the planet’s “active volcanic zones”! Every year, people face horrific destruction. They have to rely upon God’s protection and good providence. Ultimately, we are called to resist evil and enforce the peace with the authority of The Lord by the power of the Holy Spirit to help one another whoever and wherever in need. That’s a daily call to action. That’s living on the edge. That’s using the time wisely with love and compassion to share and extend the will and kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven!

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Are Babies Sinless?

Many people argue one position or another to support their predetermined views. But, the world is imperfect. It fell along with Adam, from a state of unity with God, to a state of separation requiring restoration by Jesus. The link has some interesting evidence suggesting that babies in the womb exhibit selfish or aggressive behavior! For those of us who acknowledge the fallen state of creation, it should be no surprise. That is NOT to say that people like me assume that babies, pre-born or infants are somehow intrinsically evil.
Read the article and consider the facts for yourself.