Albanian Update

Blake Family Missionaries
Gary and Sandy Blake
Our mission:
” to raise up an army called by His name”
Issue 10, January 17, 2013
We are grateful for a great visit home and the Joy of seeing our great family again, eating Thanksgiving dinner together, spending some special time with family members and friends. What a blessing to reconnect and enjoy fellowship in our own family and the family of God
First full training seminar
We were able to use the new Albanian language manual in our first complete healing and deliverance training seminar that we did in Shkoder Albania in late August. There were several miraculously healed during the course of the seminar. But more importantly is that Pastor Koli, who hosted the event sent us an e-mail saying that since the training there have been many miraculous healings being done by those we trained.
We have done some shorter partial trainings before but it was great to be able to do a more complete training. We believe that in this age of the Church, God is raising up all the believers to do the work of the ministry of Jesus. This is really a message of sonship. When we walk as sons miracles become the new normal.
Turning trials into triumph
Things don’t always turn out the way we expect but that presents the opportunity to turn those situations into glory for God Rom 8:28
The day before we were planning a ministry trip to Kosovo in July Sandy miss-stepped at a curb and rolled her ankle and foot under and fell onto it. The way she rolled over on it from a curb and the combination of symptoms she had, indicated that she suffered a very bad sprain and quite likely a broken bone in her foot. I speak from personal experience on both counts. When she got home it was very swollen and painful. Now Meti and I laid hands on the foot commanded the bones to be knit together, Ligaments to be made whole, and the pain and swelling to leave. I carried her to the bathroom and to bed that night. In the morning she was able to walk on it with no serious pain
but it was still a bit stiff. The Following morning we traveled to Kosovo. She has been fine ever since with the ankle and walked a lot there in Kosovo without problem.
We were told we would be staying with a couple of missionaries where we had stayed previously. When we got there they were not ready to house us so we went to a Hotel. We struck up a relationship with the owner after I prayed for him for healing. Later we were able to share the gospel with him. We also prayed for his wife as she was in need of deliverance from severe depression. She had a notable improvement and He is still on the fence about Jesus. He insisted to take us to breakfast. We realized later there were some special guests who frequented the Hotel by the traffic with ladies of the evening that came to the Hotel with their clients. None the less we stayed there three nights. One young man who was saved and filled with the Holy Ghost did so in our Hotel room. There are no limits and no boundaries. As Jesus said My Father works and I work…..WE have found He is more than ready to do His work through US In every circumstance. Without even going in a church there to preach or teach in one day we had 2 receive Jesus one of those was baptized in HG speaking in tongues, At least one very notable miraculous healing (Astrit) and a couple of deliverances, There is more story but I will keep it simple. Two days later we got an email saying Astrit (who had injured his shoulder and neck in a serious auto accident 4 months previous and was in a body and neck brace), his brother who was visiting from Ireland and his father who both witnessed the healing; all three
Astrit, healed of shoulder and neck injuries leading to salvation for him, his brother, and father.
received the Lord Jesus the day after we left. This is what happens when people see the power of God demonstrated. We find that about 60% become believers soon after they are healed, or witness a miraculous healing of someone they can verify.
Ministry in the USA
While in the US we had several ministry opportunities for preaching and training in: churches, School of Supernatural ministry, 11th hour interns, Duvall Prayer room, and home groups. We also made a number of house calls and hospital visits to pray for the sick as well. Many were healed, far more than we can detail here, and reports are still coming in. My own 89 year old mother was one of those. She had been unable to raise her right arm for the past 38 years but we didn’t know that. She doesn’t complain much. We commanded the shoulder to function and she could immediately use it again fully functional, with no pain.
first hour of teaching I was asked to do the complete training on healing and deliverance, as additional time was made available. That was an unexpected blessing. I believe it happened because God is interested in getting this message out there, so we can see the manifestation of the sons of God that the whole earth is groaning for.
We are organizing another training seminar here in Tirana for February, after I finish my two weeks teaching missions at ETC.
Thanks to all of you
We are so grateful to those of you who are partnering with us to set the captives free and bring the Kingdom of God. We know we cannot do this alone, and we value your partnership.
**Prayer points**
 Protection, Health and Safety (continuing)  Continued outpouring of favor & power
 Abundant support levels
 $2800 for translating & printing manuals
We would love to hear from you. Contact information:
Gary and Sandy Blake
C/O AEP KP 119 Box 35 Tirana, Albania
Gary Cell: 011-355-69-406-8646 Sandy Cell:011-355-69-406-8647 Email:
Support info
There are 2 options for tax deductible
contribution: make checks payable to either Mission Dispatch Inc, or Sunrise Chapel and mail to the appropriate address.
 Gary and Sandy Blake
C/O Mission Dispatch Inc PO Box 641
Just our 15 grandkids and us at Thanksgiving
Back in Albania
We returned to Albania on the 100 year Anniversary of Albania’s independence, Nov 28. The capital city Tirana was decked out in Red and Black and traffic was a mess. Fireworks were abundant that night but we didn’t see much of them as we were exhausted from the travel.
I was scheduled to do an abbreviated 6 hour course on healing at the bible college (ETC) where I teach on a volunteer basis: missions, church planting, and pastoral ministries. After the
Edmonds, WA 98020-0641
 Sonrise Christian Center 11625 Airport RD
Everett, WA 98204 Tel: 425-355-9129
(New Address)
The “for” or memo line on the check should read “Albania”. A separate note should be attached stating “support for Gary and Sandy Blake.” If you use bill pay, use “Blake” as the account #
Blessings, Gary and Sandy

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