Update From Albania

Blake Family Missionaries
Gary and Sandy Blake
Our mission:
” to raise up an army called by His name”
Issue 12, Sept 11, 2013
God’s grace abounds
As we said in the last newsletter God has added to his Ambassadors of grace. Even this week I have received more and more testimonies of the miracles that the Lord has done through those that we have been training. This is very exciting stuff. This is how the kingdom is supposed to be extended. Jesus was the firstborn of many brethren. So to those who receive it they can live as sons. One young man (B) I have been working with closely, brought a report of a case in which he was used to raise a woman from the dead over the telephone. This woman had a believing daughter who phoned B when she realized the serious condition her mother was in. Her gall bladder had ruptured and she was in the hospital ready to go into emergency surgery at the time of the call. The doctor came in to wheel her off to surgery but checked her vitals and said there was no need because she was already dead. The daughter told B it was too late her mother was dead. B said NO in Jesus name she lives. The daughter hung up and after that the woman who had been pronounced dead started breathing again. They took her into surgery and removed the ruptured gall bladder. She is out of the hospital and doing well.
In one incident that happened August 28 a man (Rotsul) fell along with the ladder he was working from at the third story of a building. He suffered a broken vertebrae and damage to the spinal cord. He was brought to the military trauma hospital in Tirana completely paralyzed from the waist down. This man was a cousin of Meti and so first Meti went in and prayed with him and R said he was going to die. Meti told him he would not because he was going to pray and God would heal him. That was at 8:15 AM. About 6 hours later Meti Adelina, Ledi, Sandy and I went to pray again for Rotsul again. By that time he could move his left leg and the feeling had begun to return to the hip area of the right leg. Sunday I heard a report from a friend of ours that doctors are now giving a
Training applied: deaf mute Roma girl begins to speak and hear in one ear after deliverance prayer
good prognosis for full recovery. Doctors did a surgery to put the broken vertebrae back together and when they opened the area the spinal cord appeared undamaged, contrary to the results of the MRI taken when he was brought in. (Miracle healing) Before prayer the expectations were that he would be paralyzed the rest of his life. He was discharged from the hospital after 1 week or less. Our God is amazing, powerful and willing to heal and to deliver. Recently one woman requested prayer for her husband who had a gambling addiction. She is a Christian and he is not and he has never yet come to any of our meetings. This week she testified that for the first time since they have been married (3-4 years) He brought his paycheck home and paid the bills and gave her grocery money. There have been multiple miracles in this small group nearly every one of them have received a miracle healing or two or some deliverance of some kind. I would love to
Training and ministry to students on outreach to Albania from the Caribbean Islands in Elbasan go on because there are so many more demonstrations of the love and goodness of God to share with you but I want to leave some room for photos.
Needs for the visit to the USA
As we write this letter we still do not know where we will be staying while we are in the Seattle, Everett area. Housing situations have changed with our children and they are without space for us to stay with them. They have more children coming and less house. So we are in need of a place to stay for a couple of months. We don’t need a lot of attention; we can fend for ourselves in the food department. It would be good to have internet access. We would prefer something in the Lynnwood, Bothell, South Everett or Edmonds area. If you think you can help us in this need please let us know right away. Sandy says she would like to know where we will be staying. We are arriving Sept 20.
The young man from the previous newsletter who was set free from epilepsy and autism.
Part of the dear Armenian family we ministered to in Istanbul Turkey Maria on the right :(previous letter)
Thanks to all of you
We are so grateful to those of you who are partnering with us to set the captives free and bring the Kingdom of God. We know we cannot do this alone, and we value your partnership.
Contact information: Gary and Sandy Blake
C/O AEP KP 119 Box 35 Tirana, Albania
Gary Cell: 011-355-69-406-8646 Sandy Cell:011-355-69-406-8647 Email: gnsblake.alb@gmail.com
Support info
There are 2 options for tax deductible
contribution: make checks payable to either Mission Dispatch Inc, or Sunrise Chapel and mail to the appropriate address.
 Gary and Sandy Blake
C/O Mission Dispatch Inc PO Box 641
This years group of Italian seminary students and 1pastor entrusted to us for missions training. More workers actvated into the harvest
Edmonds, WA 98020-0641
 Sonrise Christian Center 11625 Airport RD Everett, WA 98204
Tel: 425-355-9129
(New Address)
The “for” or memo line on the check should read “Albania”. A separate note should be attached stating “support for Gary and Sandy Blake.” If you use bill pay, use “Blake” as the account #
Blessings, Gary and Sandy

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