What Would I Do If Jesus Came To My House?

Northern California Elementary Speech Meet – March 28, 2014
Category: Original Composition – 6th Grade
School: Vista Christian, Richmond CA
Student: Noni Carter – FIRST PLACE

When I need help I lean on the rock, so I thought, hmm…
What would I do if Jesus came to my door and began to knock?
I wouldn’t want to get dressed up all fancy to fit some certain part, because 1 Samuel 16:7 tells me “man looks at the outside appearance but, the LORD looks at the heart”.
Some people might jump up and down or plan a big feast. I would fall to my knees and bow down to the KING of KINGS. I would praise Him for His Love and praise Him for His Mercy.
I’d fall to my knees so fast and begin to Pray.
I would ask the Lord Jesus please show me your way. Show me how to praise the Most High, you’re the best teacher so please take all of my time.
I know He knows everything about me, my every smile, every pain, every comfort and every test, but He is the Almighty Counselor so I’d have to get some thangs off my chest.
I would tell Him about my worries and about my fears. I’d rest in His arms and let out even my hidden tears. Jesus is so smart He’ll understand any question I raise.
And when our talk is over, again we will start to praise. How cool it would be to praise the Lord with the Lord. Our praise would be so loud it could not be ignored. We will lift our hands, we will lift our voice. We will shout out for everyone to hear our joyful noise.
Just a reminder for you and I, He will come when we least expect Him to. The Bible says His will come like a thief in the night. So will we be ready when it’s time to sit with the Divine?
I am a true believer and I hope you are too.
If Jesus came to your house, what would you do?

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