More Atrocities!

Who can keep up with all the insanity going on around
the globe? My advice is that whenever you encounter

news reporting persecution of Christians, we should take

the following action: 1) realize that our prayers/intercessions

are not “wishes” 2) we must identify areas where we can

be actively supporting our persecuted brothers and

sisters, and 3) don’t “think” but “act” the way a prayer warrior acts! We cannot put out

every fire. Pick and choose where to jump in, but by all means, JUMP IN!

We don’t return violence for violence. We are called to recognize

AND meet the needs of others. Do not be discouraged by what you “think”

is too much to handle, or that your part won’t make a dent – that’s just

more deception. EVERYTHING we do makes a difference! It’s not

up to us to measure our own efforts. Go with what the Holy Spirit

gives you!

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