Christianity is often divided by the devil (“diabolos” in Greek = the divider!). One of those “divisions” is centered on healing.
Since one very prominent line of reasoning promotes
the concept that the spiritual gifts/healing ceased shortly after the Apostolic Age (Secessionists), we are left with a dilemma.
The final test, ultimately, is: By their fruits, you shall know them”! As those who belong to Christ, those who follow Jesus, we are often faced with challenges like this.
Our options?
A) Call a doctor, and hope that his intervention will help.
B) Accept the illness as a test from God, or that it is somehow God’s will that you are suffering or threatened with death.
C) Reject medical help, and place all of your trust in God to heal you.
D) Ask God for help and go to the doctor anyway!
E) Call on the spiritually mature to pray in faith and anoint you for healing.
Whatever the case, if you are looking for some clear cut formula, forget it!
As you can already see, my comments are not peppered with quotations from Scripture. That is NOT to say that they are not needed.

We are often forced into situations that tempt to erode our faith, or to put the brakes on our progress! Many times, spiritual truths or spiritual facts stare us in the face, but because of denominational commitments, or past experiences (world view or paradigm) we resist enforcing that power from the Holy Spirit that has been granted to us!

So, where am I going with all this? Each person must decide what to do according to their level of faith. That sounds a little clumsy, but it’s a basic approximation of the concept. Situations change, we change, but God remains faithful! To reject science is to partly reject God who makes such things possible. We wash our hands, drink clean water, eat nutritious foods, and generally take care of that which has been entrusted to us by God as a sign of good stewardship.

Of course, the recent news about the Ebola pandemic is not really new. However, too many people are feeding into the pandemic by being superstitious, following dangerous practices, or some other attitude that encourages the spread of what many are calling a “Bio- weapon”! Whatever the case, we simply CANNOT place our trust in a medical savior.  Fear will attempt to push us in that direction. And fear is a powerful servant of evil when we give it power to control us. The Truth will set us free – free from enslavement to fear. . . .

For those who place their “faith” in medical science, please consider the following:

The US medical system KILLS 2.25 million Americans per decade (Dr. Barbara Starfield, “Is US Health Really The Best In The World?” Journal of the American Medical Association, July 26, 2000.)

Your responsibility to yourself does not rest on someone else’s shoulders. We are COMMANDED to pray for the sick, heal the afflicted, and to set the captives free because He has carried away our sufferings and infirmities for His name’s sake, and has  healed us by His stripes (wounds). In the words of the Apostle, we do NOT give ground to the enemy – we fight with the full armor of God!

Search this out in Scripture. Do the research, and let the Holy Spirit enlighten you.

Please do not be fooled into an “either or” pattern of belief.. Do the right thing for the right reason. ALWAYS be responsible, especially with your health! ALWAYS exercise faith rather than fear!