El Salvador

Just got back from a trip to El Salvador to visit friends and family! Christianity is thriving alongside organized crime. Amazing people! Great food! God was keeping us safe! The country is so beautiful, but the challenges are tremendous. It’s as if some powerful gropus(s) are happy to profit from the misery of the people!
Gated neighborhoods with armed guards. Gated housing developments with high walls, lots of razor wire, and armed guards. Businesses are booming with activity.
They have all the best things alongside the worst.
You can see the amazing potential of such a place. It is a crime of epic proportions that such a people must live with that danger. However, our God is a loving and protecting Lord! I pray that with God’s help, the people will be able to throw off those oppressive forces to continue to prosper for His name’s sake! I also pray for those indigenous people who are daily extorted by those evil gangs and criminals. That such things occur in a nation named after our Lord is to be expected, but NOT tolerated.
Please keep the people of El Salvador in your prayers!


Any idiot can pray for their friends. It takes REAL love to pray for those who persecute you/us!

Pray in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ for:
1) Those who persecute; for Jesus to reveal Himself to them.
2) The repentance of those who persecute Christians.
3) The persecutors to receive salvation, discipleship, and relationship with the living God.
4) The persecuted being great representatives of Jesus;
expanding His Kingdom via Truth, Love, and Holy Spirit power!
5) Their families, friends, and local churches having strength, and peace.
6) The awareness of the unity of Believers praying for the persecuted, encouraging them to be strong.
7) Those in the West to be sensitive to the needs of the persecuted Church – to respond via intercession AND other means of support.
We THANK You Lord Jesus Christ for this in faith!