Why Is Repentance So Vital?

Matthew 3:2
Mark 1:15
Revelation 2:5 & 3:19

Repentance – it’s a huge barrier for so many people!
In one sense, who wants to be singled out for change?
In another respect, who wants to be told by someone acting holy that they require corrections? Third, who is foolish enough to believe that time is short?
After all, two thousand years have past since Jesus
established His Church. And finally, isn’t repentance for
people in serious trouble/danger – perhaps great for someone else but not me?

OK, I’ve listed just a few Scriptures above for the verb
form “repent”.  What I’d like to discuss is why repentance is great for those who are coming to a relationship with Jesus Christ. However, I believe that repentance is far greater for those of us who are already His!

The greater one’s spiritual progress/fruits/walk etc.
the greater need for repentance to maintain our
momentum, so to speak. Rather than an annual medical check-up, or an emergency trip to the mechanic when the car breaks down, we need to CONSTANTLY work with the Scriptures and Holy Spirit to monitor
ourselves as we renew the mind/new creation/new
man in Christ!
Much like brushing my teeth is not about problems,
but rather about prevention and good stewardship;
repentance is one of those tools or exercises that is promised to keep us in good shape through Grace by the corrective action of the Holy Spirit both motivating and being motivated by our change of heart.

Many of us live under varying degrees of spiritual oppression, and it’s a serious challenge NOT to become insulated or accepting of the corruption around us, especially when we think we are “untouched” by it. Therefore, we all need to examine ourselves, and constantly rebuke sins in WHATEVER form the evil one is throwing at us – most certainly
in the mind/heart, before they can take root and produce weeds/problems for us later.

Having a living relationship with the living God means that if we feel so secure as to loose concern for our salvation, we better think again – quickly!

I know that my words could easily be twisted here, but I’m simply encouraging as many as possible to be as vigilant as possible to safeguard what has been entrusted to us by the power of the Holy Spirit, and not rest in past actions of faith, but to press on toward the mark!

Editor’s Note: Repentance is also vital to us who belong to Jesus Christ because we have much more

at stake to lose if we neglect such a great help!


For decades we’ve heard all about how vital the Amazonian rain forests are for the health of the planet.

For the past few months, Brazil has been experiencing a horrible drought of Biblical proportions. That should be on the front pages, but sadly it is not. Here in California, we’ve been hit with a multi year drought where the farmers have almost depleted the ground water for irrigation. They feed about 60% of the nation!

OK, so what’s the connection? Well, when Scripture describes global famine, people naturally think of

bad weather. However, in the context of one world government, one world religion, one world bank,

we start to see another picture. For example, the Monsanto/Gates Foundation creation of GMO crops

corners the market on seed and, ultimately, food production! Imagine the astronomical profits!

So, Brazil AND California have a very unholy thing in common causing their droughts. To get a quick, scientific explanation of what’s going on directly over head, please take a look at the following link.

You will NOT be disappointed.


Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right!

Every time a professing Christian commits some horrible act, we all get painted with the same broad brush!
The one huge difference here is that the Christian, Crusader, revolutionary, extremist etc. all have one thing in common: no Scripture to support their actions – no Scriptural/doctrinal justification or support for
atrocities/aggression/persecution/torture/murder. . . .
However, Islam DOES have within its scriptures such
justifications, AND its code of Law (Sharia) also sanctions violence and deception to further its
agenda. Take a quick peek at this article to see how
mainstream media is afraid of reporting certain facts for fear of reprisals.


Let me make another point. No one at this Blog ever advocates

violence! Neither do we advocate attacking someone’s religion.

The whole purpose can be summed up with Jesus Christ’s famous

promise: “The Truth shall set you free”! Of course, JESUS, Himself

is the Way, Truth, and the Life. However, information is NOT an

attack! It may shake one’s established comfort zone, but both the

intent and purpose are to shed light upon the works of darkness.