Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right!

Every time a professing Christian commits some horrible act, we all get painted with the same broad brush!
The one huge difference here is that the Christian, Crusader, revolutionary, extremist etc. all have one thing in common: no Scripture to support their actions – no Scriptural/doctrinal justification or support for
atrocities/aggression/persecution/torture/murder. . . .
However, Islam DOES have within its scriptures such
justifications, AND its code of Law (Sharia) also sanctions violence and deception to further its
agenda. Take a quick peek at this article to see how
mainstream media is afraid of reporting certain facts for fear of reprisals.

Let me make another point. No one at this Blog ever advocates

violence! Neither do we advocate attacking someone’s religion.

The whole purpose can be summed up with Jesus Christ’s famous

promise: “The Truth shall set you free”! Of course, JESUS, Himself

is the Way, Truth, and the Life. However, information is NOT an

attack! It may shake one’s established comfort zone, but both the

intent and purpose are to shed light upon the works of darkness.


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