For decades we’ve heard all about how vital the Amazonian rain forests are for the health of the planet.

For the past few months, Brazil has been experiencing a horrible drought of Biblical proportions. That should be on the front pages, but sadly it is not. Here in California, we’ve been hit with a multi year drought where the farmers have almost depleted the ground water for irrigation. They feed about 60% of the nation!

OK, so what’s the connection? Well, when Scripture describes global famine, people naturally think of

bad weather. However, in the context of one world government, one world religion, one world bank,

we start to see another picture. For example, the Monsanto/Gates Foundation creation of GMO crops

corners the market on seed and, ultimately, food production! Imagine the astronomical profits!

So, Brazil AND California have a very unholy thing in common causing their droughts. To get a quick, scientific explanation of what’s going on directly over head, please take a look at the following link.

You will NOT be disappointed.

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