Wars, and Rumors of Wars!

We have no excuse – Jesus Christ warns us in the Gospels AND the Apocalypse (Book of Revelations) that serious trouble would be all around us!

First, we have the personal struggle with evil.
Next, we contend in the arena with family, friends, and neighbors.
Finally, we do spiritual battle against principalities and powers of the air with our unique weaponry (Ephesians 6:10-20) on a national AND international basis!

As the opposition increases, so does our responsibility to strive effectively with our spiritual gifts (JESUS has already won the victory, but we are tasked with enforcing it)!

Regardless of how bleak things may at times appear,
remember who you are in Christ Jesus! Living stones built into the habitation of God!

Therefore, Seek every opportunity to expand His Kingdom via love, compassion, truth, AND spiritual power by Grace!
Use the Word as your rudder with the help of the Holy Spirit. Don’t let your eyes fool you.

Victory is ours as we work with the Lord – He has thrown us into the fight – not to be idle, but to be useful, profitable, standard bearers of His righteousness for His Name’s sake! His Word does not return void, neither does His Light that shines forth! We carry both and more!


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