Medical Dictatorship

Regardless of the evil forces behind sin, suffering, and disease, historically the pathways for most illnesses have been created by contaminated water, poor personal/public hygiene, and nutritional deficiencies.

So, what’s the “world’s” solution? Drugs, vaccinations, and chemicals?

Whenever Jesus heals someone through your intervention of laying hands upon them in Jesus’ name, or through prayer intercession in accordance to the Scriptures, isn’t it odd how doctors react? I’ve found that, most times, they are not sincerely happy
for their “patient’!

Perhaps that’s because The Lord, Who is the real Physician of spirit AND body, reminds them of Truths
that are much higher than simple medical ethics?

Take a look at this article to see where the medical field is headed!

Christ IS Risen – Glorify Him!

I wish you all a most blessed Christian Passover!😃

In English, people often refer to this thing called “Easter” – a word/term that does NOT exist in Christian Scripture or the writings of the early Christian fathers.

Pesach in Aramaic, Pascha in Greek, Paska in Russian,
Pascoa in Portuguese, Pasqua in Spanish . . . . .
I think you get the point. Why do ALL the other languages refer to “Easter” as Passover?

See 1 Corinthians 5:7
For truly, Christ, OUR PASSOVER, was sacrificed for us!

Jesus’ Crucifixion (sacrifice) and His blood Atonement for our sins – Haleluia – are most commonly emphasized.

However great that is, and it is great, the Apostle Paul reminds us in 1 Corinthians 15:20 A) . . . Christ is risen from the dead. And 2) verse 15:14 & 17 And if Christ is not risen, then our preaching is empty and your faith is also empty!

Therefore, wether we say: Pascha, Pascoa, Pasqua. . . Christ Jesus is OUR Passover into Life! Examine yourself. If you “celebrate” anything, does it even come close to the Feast of the Resurrection? Or is your celebration of the Resurrection dwarfed by something else like Christmas, New Year, birthday, Independence Day, sporting championship etc.? You get the point. It becomes easy to see exactly how we manifest our belief.

Obviously, many Christians will do ANYTHING to avoid even the slightest thing in common with, say, Roman Catholic practice. I understand that as “Romophobia” or traditions of men. However, we have to exercise discernment not to over react in our separation, creating an odd imbalance of fact, and lose important points of the expression of our faith.

It’s a little amusing at times to see fundamentalists
accuse the RCC of all sorts of spiritual faults, deviations, and transgressions; only to turn around and accept the RCC date for Pascha (which sometimes falls BEFORE the Jewish Passover!!!). If Scripture is the authority, then this mistake is ridiculous.

The Orthodox Christian tradition for finding the feast date for the Resurrection actually requires that it must be after the Jewish Passover! Perhaps Protestantism hasn’t gone far enough in objectively differentiating itself from Rome?

As we can see from early Christian practice, Christians didn’t even celebrate “Christmas” for the first 250 years or so after Christ! In any case, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ vastly outweighs EVERYTHING else😃!

May the Holy Spirit who raised Him from the dead, also
dwell in you, raising you to newness of life in Jesus!
Christ IS Risen – Glorify Him! Now and ever, and to the ages of ages. Amin.
Peace & Maranatha

Surveillance Technology

I have long advocated for “low technology” like real Bibles, books and reference materials. Sure, all the latest apps and Internet resources are great. But what happens when they are turned off, used to monitor us, or worse? Snowden’s revelations have already become like that of

Solzhenitsyn – forgotten.

I just saw a most disturbing commercial for a home robotics unit! Since each new technology comes along with a set of “must have” conveniences, please do NOT be deceived. All or most of this new stuff simply create more avenues of control over people!

Watch at your own risk. The brainwashing aspect is
astounding – this is the “friendly/happy face” of electronic dictatorship brought into the home!