Urgent Personal Prayer Request

I rarely do this on this Blog, but here goes.

I know that there are many of you brothers and sisters
all over the world who exercise faith – join with me on this!

In some English versions of the NT, it says “By His stripes, you WERE healed! Therefore, we ask AND we thank Jesus for His help!

We know that Jesus Christ sacrificed himself, once and for all!

We know that He was raised from the dead, and has put ALL things under His feet, including illness!

I am therefore, asking you all to join with me in prayer
on behalf of a close friend’s wife who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer.

She will be going to hospital on Friday for surgery.
Let them open her up and find NOTHING!
In Jesus’ name, bind and destroy all fear, anxiety, and doubts! Fill her with the power and love of Your Holy Spirit that CASTS OUT all infirmities by Your grace.

Let the doctors be amazed and repent when they witness Your compassion!

I will post the good news as I receive it.
Her name is Liza.
God IS Blessing!

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