TMI: Too Much Information?

Depending upon where on the planet you call home, there are most certainly conflicts, catastrophes, disasters, and evil manifestations that are specific to your area. OK.
Regardless of the circumstances that we who follow Jesus Christ find ourselves in, fear and panic are NOT options! Yes, sudden or prolonged events offer unique challenges for us to exercise our faith with truth, love, and Holy Spirit power!
My point is that we are living in a world that is swirling out of control! Take your pick:: all forms of evil boil down to some type of rebellion against God and His word! What does that mean?
1) Some of us are hammered by “natural” disasters. Do the research and you will find that weather warfare, including generation of earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, droughts, intense heat waves, and freezing cold are often products of man made geo-engineering ( see!
2) The Fukushima disaster has already resulted in the poisoning of one third of the Pacific Ocean, with no end in sight! Along the west coast of North America, we now have massive die-offs of marine life! There are entire regions of the ocean that are now dead zones since the plankton is now destroyed. Now, most of the earth’s oxygen comes from ocean plankton – when that’s gone, so are we! The spread of radiation AND cancer among the human population here is resulting in highly elevated levels of radiation and resultant cancers (see: )!
3) Most technologically advanced nations have made huge strides in their weaponizing of various deadly viruses (see: Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s “Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola”). Let’s not forget GMO and DNA research! “As in the days of Noah” fallen spirits will again work toward creating ungodly super humans, see: “Corrupting The Image” by Douglas Hamp, or among many other worthy sites. Additionally, “trans-human” scientific research developments are seeking a merging of man and technology (see: featuring Tom Horn/Cris Putnam)! Please, let’s NOT forget forced vaccinations! In the U.S. It is estimated that by the age of 17, people will receive about 60 vaccinations! If you join the military, add another 30 to that! See:
4) CERN: hmmmmmm. Opening a portal for the demonic? Sounds crazy? I wonder why they have a statue of the Hindu god of destruction outside their facility?
(See: There are many websites featuring this ominous development).
5) Shemitah and Harbinger signs of the times, blood moons etc. the 3,000 year old mystery that holds the secret of the world’s future?
See: Some people need stuff like the gathering of storm clouds to wake up; others just stick their head in the sand!
6) International banking control/collapse – self evident. But the implications for personal well being are enormous. If you make preparations for economic disaster, you are, at least in one respect, in a position to help others! Keep your wicks trimmed and conserve your lamp oil!
7) Wars, and rumors of wars. Religious, economic, whatever the rationale, these things are promised by the Lord! The chopping off of heads used to be viewed by many in the west as some type of allegory – not now! The Apostle Paul, in several instances, remarks about how we are to persevere through tribulations/persecutions! One way or another, satanic forces are determined to destroy God’s work. They believe in “order out of chaos”with their iconic emblem being the phoenix rising from the ashes! For insight into that evil agenda, see:
This list could go on and on. What’s the point?

Intercession! Be fruitful with godly works of compassion!

Remember your first love, persevere and have patience Rev. 2:3.
Do not fear those things you are about to suffer Rev.2:10.
Overcome Rev. 2:17 & 3:12.
Have sound doctrine Rev. 2:24.
Be watchful Rev 3:2.
Hold fast and repent Rev. 3:3.
Keep our garments clean and receive the holy eye salve that we may see Rev. 3:18.
Open the door to the heart WHENEVER the Lord knocks! Rev. 3:20.
These are just a few notes.

Peace be with you all in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ!

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