Wars And Rumors Of Wars!

Mark 13:7
If there were only one, solitary, armed conflict in the entire world, and you were near it, it would be tragic!
Who would help you? Who would hear about your situation? Who would even care?

I’m enjoying the last days of Internet use. It will either get taken down very soon, or it will be so restricted as to be like network television!

There is so much going on all over the world – at least what we’re allowed to hear about! I constantly hear from travelers, or those with family/friends around the globe – things are absolutely horrible! Warfare and or the verge of warfare!

What will it take to wake people up to the Gospel message? What will be the final straw?

One thing I do know – my relationship with the living Lord, Jesus Christ, REQUIRES by its very nature, that I intercede on behalf as as many as possible! The fruit, or holy works that are born of the Spirit, manifest themselves by their very nature. In other words, we must be prayer warriors, vigilant watchmen, holding fast; not giving ANY ground to the enemy!

Especially in these days of technology, it may be difficult to conceive of, or be aware of just how much Holy Spirit power we have been granted by grace, in order to expand His kingdom with love and compassion! It is still a fact – we MUST act! Faith is action! It is God’s very nature to help. We have to do our part!
Every time you hear of persecution, suffering and conflict, exercise your authority as a Christian to intercede in the name of Jesus! Do not let your light be hidden! Don’t give up! That’s a huge reason why we are here – salt and light – whatever you want to call it. The saved and those not yet discipled are counting on us, even creation itself (Romans 8:19)!


5 comments on “Wars And Rumors Of Wars!

    • Ahoy James!
      Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for sharing your post. I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect.
      I was pleasantly surprised though. It seems we have much in common. Although I’ve never actually written it on my Blog, I do believe that a huge portion of Christians would strike most as being crazy!
      I’m not sure if this is one of those strategies that T.S. Elliot spoke of in his Screwtapes book
      as the devil’s means to sowing confusion and division in the ranks – you’ll have to admit, it is rather effective.
      Getting back to your post: I easily agree! Our problem is not so much the enemy- it’s us! People within the Church get such crazy ideas. Protestants hate Catholics, then turn around and create a whole slew of man-made traditions. People end up replacing Catholic practice with man made sacred cows. It’s almost funny if it were not so deadly! What’s the point? More division!

      Gifts are a minefield. Pride leads to destruction. Only problem is that pride usually blinds the victim. Soooooo much presumption is made over this or that gift/application etc. I can see why reasonable people are literally chased away from church! Fivefold ministry, dominionism, healing,
      all have much truth, but it’s usually the way in which they are applied that causes trouble.
      One thing for sure: God does not necessarily follow strict formulas – we shouldn’t either. Life is too fluid for that.

      One of the themes within your writing is that you are challenging the pulpit power base. It is so hard to find a pastor who is worthy of trust! As your writing indicates, there’s a lot of “sloppy
      agape” out there, to say the least. That’s ANOTHER reason why I home church. We are safer, better off, than being manipulated by personalities, programs, self serving doctrines, and sacred cows!

      On Part 3, second paragraph, you used the word “irrelevant” and I think you may have meant irreverent. Under “Silence” you wrote: “This isn’t a pulpit not problem” (not sure of your intention there). Under “Sympathy” you wrote “santified” where I think you meant sanctified.
      Anyway, I hope my few comments have helped. Let me know if there’s anything I can do in the future.

      • Also, thanks much for the last several notes, corrections were made!

        If you wanted to do this we the introduction and there other 2 Myths I would greatly appreciate it! I understand that is a lot of time, just if you can/when you can. Thanks again!

      • Ahoy James!

        I finally got around to reading parts 1 & 2. Very good stuff! I would say that your writing is proof of the Holy Spirit! You are doing something that most, sadly, never live up to – we are simply not taught to do so! In Part 1, you describe “recreating the moment” in Acts. And tongues as THE gift. Absolutely missed by most of the Church! People are striving for: formulas, routine, structure, control. . . One thing I see often is how we create safe divisions, as if walling ourselves off from unfamiliar, or suspicious influences, Scriptural or not!

        In the second to last sentence under “symphony” there’s a sentence that mentions Sam. Something is missing, a typo(?) and it doesn’t make sense.

        In Part 2 you discuss “loud praying”: some people erroneously equate volume with power! That’s easy to counterfeit! You also mention “praying intelligently”! The way I see it, there’s heat AND light, Spirit AND Truth. Fervor is no substitution for sincerity. And intellect is no substitution for Spirit. So, that leaves us with a balance: we are to worship in Spirit AND Truth! OK, most people just don’t know what that means. I believe that your writing evidences that you DO! Yes, it’s a process. Most don’t want a process!

        Your writing confirms it, and I am astounded by how much those “haters of traditions of men” have actually created their own version of said tradition! ! ! Basically, one thing I observe in your writing is a healthy re-evaluation via the Word/Spirit. Recently, in a multi denominational intercessory prayer group, it was made very clear to me by the leader that I was conspicuously very quiet! To them it was suspicious! All the while, people are praying while seated! There is NO Scripture for that. One time, one of the members, who’s also a Pastor, stood up during prayer. I looked around, and no one else was standing. I immediately stood up to join him. To me, prayer is done at attention! Not on one’s ass. Well, try convincing others of that because the Psalmist mentions praying on his bed one time!

        Ultimately, I think it comes down to results. If a Christian is yielding to the Word/Spirit, there is a lot of self correcting. There are also fruits of the Spirit – real results! Only a fool does the same thing over and over expecting different results! You are NOT doing that! One time, during a missionary trip my evangelical/AG type church was paired with a Pentecostal group. After the trip concluded, I was shocked when a few of them come up to us and nicely say that “despite our differences, things worked out well”! They actually thought that they were tolerating or enduring us! I was like dude, “We are the same body of Christ, what are you talking about?” They didn’t have a clue! Sad.

        BTW, what part of the country are you located in?



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