Strategic Notes

Moses sent spies for reconnaissance (Numbers 13:13) as did Joshua (Joshua 2:1). What are we to make of that? Here are some observations from a recent meeting that I attended.

Stand firm, repossess spiritual territory, wrestling against principalities and powers (cities have territorial spirits).

Intercession and Prayer:
When you’re ready – you’ll receive (according to God’s will/timing).
He often answers us in phases.
What we’re asking for ( in the Spirit) is already given!
We need to see exactly what things to pray for so that we can focus on what’s specifically needed.
We don’t “have” the knowledge/understanding for intercessory prayer – until we RECEIVE it (the Holy Spirit reveals).
Smaller problems are usually caused by larger “strongholds” – once identified, they are targets to cast down.
Example: There is a problem manifested. It is through the gift of discernment that the deception, lies, or forces that are being brought to bear that need to be broken – all hindrances removed – before someone can receive what is needed.
Asking the Lord for what He has already given/promised is NOT faith!
Thanking the Lord for revealing what needs to be bound/destroyed is faith in action!
Taking action: reconnaissance, evaluation, gathering forces.
Walking into a situation ill prepared often results in failure – that’s NOT God’s fault! Exercise wisdom and discernment.
Unity in prayer is a military “force multiplier”!

Please take what you need from this.

Peace & Maranatha!

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