Why Pray? Why Intercede?

James 4:3 (paraphrased)
You don’t receive what you’ve asked for in prayer because you have asked wrongly.

Why do so many Christians belong to a church or identify themselves as Christian when they are not walking according to the Word/Spirit, without
evidence to support their “belief”?

Am I being too critical? Am I condemning my brother?

Having “beliefs” customs, traditions etc. seems fine, however, where’s the fruit
of supernatural/supranatural power? Does that Christian strike you as someone who has been truly set free (John 8:31)? Do they truly serve others with Holy Spirit power (Matthew 10:8)?

Here’s an honest question for professing Christians: Why do you continue
your “religious” life when you have no real evidence that sets you apart from ordinary, law abiding, “nice” people?

Do the promises of Jesus Christ just apply to pastors/priests? Perhaps those people feel that the promises of Jesus were for the disciples/Apostles only?

So, my question is: Why would someone “follow” that line of thinking, especially
when there’s little or no power or victory over their obstacles?

(I’m NOT saying “believe what I believe, the way I believe it”!)
Why not?
Because there is ample evidence that within the body of Christian believers, there’s lots of room for diversity – NOT for contradiction! If we pray in faith, and that prayer is not answered, we need to immediately examine ourselves. My main point is that to continue without evaluation would be really pretty foolish.

Of course, we have to be watchful against doubt or “over analysis” because we are also dealing within “kairos” the Lord’s timetable. We also have to be aware that our prayers are sometimes answered even before we utter them! There are also many other warnings against powerless prayer given in Scripture for our benefit.

In any case, Jesus Himself commands that what we ask for, we ask praying in full knowledge and confidence that that thing is ALREADY DELIVERED or ALREADY ON THE WAY (original Greek – paraphrased Mark 11:24)! That’s amazing grace, power, and authority granted to us by grace to fulfill His will when we are guided by the Holy Spirit!

We are all priests entering into the throne room of God with boldness ( See 1 Peter 2:9 & Hebrews 10:19). Do we actually see ourselves that way? Do we behave in that respect?

When we get results, we continue to press forward. To do otherwise is the definition of insanity 😃.

Peace & Maranatha

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