All We Can Do Is Pray?

Sorry for the long absence! All is well – thank God!

Please see the following article:

This is a great NY Times piece about how the government in a certain country is on a “cross destroying” mission. (I was tempted to say “crusade” but that would have been too cute!)

There are several key issues raised: symbols as competition for other forms of patriotism; what constitutes “foreign influence” via religious growth within a nation; how can believers in other nations support one another WITHOUT undermining local political infrastructure; how congregations react to the politically oriented destruction of church/community property; which is the most effective set of appropriate responses to such government actions?

In any case, the article sheds much light on the plight of Christian believers as they attempt to exercise their peaceful and harmless faith. However, the final sentence in the otherwise informative article regrettably concludes with the often repeated, spiritually bankrupt statement: “All we can do is pray”!

In several previous posts, I have repeatedly discussed the action of prayer/ intercession as a spiritual weapon! So, after reading the article, I believe we should reflect on the truth and power of several Scriptures, including Ephesians 3:12 where the Apostle describes our “direct access” to God! There is no way that this and many other Scriptures are describing a “last ditch” or “hope in the wind” sorry excuse for Christian wishing! This reminds me of 2 Timothy 3:5 where the Gospel is somehow acknowledged, but the spiritual “power” is conveniently denied!

Yours In The Risen Lord!

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