Perception vs Reality

When people have an NDE (near death experience), one thing that TOTALLY changes is their perception, their point of view! That changes everything!

When we intercede for others, we usually have no idea of the impact,
especially when we’re unable to “see” the results or impact! (See Hebrews 11:1)

Since in Greek, “faith” is a verb, something one must exercise, not a possession, we have to proceed on that foundation of confidence AND hope that our intercessions are making the difference (Mark 11:24)!

To do otherwise is to lower our prayer action to: begging, wishing, or just having good intentions! Therefore, following that line, we end up with James 4:3 and related shortcomings that just don’t work!

No results do NOT equal “God’s fault”!

Recently, someone very mature, very experienced in Christian ministry, asked me, “tested me” with the question: “Does God ALWAYS heal?” I was a little shocked. This person has been very faithful in his walk with Christ. You also know that the key to most questions is usually found in the question itself.

In order to prevent ongoing controversy, or disruptive disputes, I decided not to insist on my beliefs (1 Corinthians 13:4. . . ) I was aiming more for consensus as a group member than starting a doctrinal sword fight! The brother felt at ease. Probably because he understood that I was not challenging his faith. However, the Lord chastises me and challenges me daily – for my own good!

As I reflect on that question, a few assumptions jump up immediately: Did Jesus always heal? Did the Apostles refuse healing from those who requested it? Does God always love? Does God always judge? Does God always minister to us?
If we obey, trust, and exercise true faith, does God always save us? When baptized, is the “new man” always born, and the old man always put to death?

Does our Father in heaven give us our daily bread, forgive us as we forgive, and lead us away from evil? I believe so. I experience it. I read that in His holy Scriptures.

I think that question is really asking what is God’s will. There are many things on His agenda! At the same time we are living in a spiritual war zone. People are being injured, suffering, and being killed everyday. Whose fault is that? Not the Lord’s! ! !

So, what’s your perception? Do you have a “healing ministry”? Do you have an “intercessory ministry”? Do you have a “prophetic ministry”? Are you a watchman who is sounding the alarm on behalf of the people? Do you freely share the Gospel since it was freely shared with you? Do you do unto others as you would have them do unto you?

Is your body the temple of the Holy Spirit which is the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, Who put all things under His feet? If so, you have received the exact same Spirit that that bears ALL the spiritual gifts according to His will to do His will! If we see that, we’ll start to do that with truth, love, compassion, and Holy Spirit power!

Peace & Maranatha

Our Father’s Business

Let me make several big assumptions for the sake of discussion:
1) You are already a “born-again” Christian.
2) You are familiar with and regularly read the Scriptures.
3) It feels as though something is somehow missing in your life.

Regardless of your marital or dating status, I’m talking about your
purpose! What is your purpose? I don’t mean to reference the recently
popularized teaching about a “purpose driven life”!

Here are some questions:
A) How would you describe your state of obedience to the Lord?
B) What sense of fulfillment for being alive do you have?
C) Who’s REALLY in charge of your life?
D) Do you see yourself as a participant in God’s grace, or a spectator?

What does this all mean? Well, how many of us are just counting the days for the Lord’s return? Are we insulating ourselves from the collapsing world while we watch the persecution and suffering around us? When the Lord returns, will He find any people exercising their faith?

Peace & Maranatha!


Persecution Is NOT A Human Rights Issue!

Why is it that the Christians who are imprisoned, tortured, and otherwise persecuted are NOT those who carry out violence toward others? Why is that?

Their homes are burned; their children captured as slaves, or tortured and killed; they are imprisoned,
and beheaded! Why? Because they are so dangerous?
Because they are such a horrible threat?

Or is it because evil , working through men, seeks to
attack like a criminal – ONLY when they perceive that it is safe for them to do so without consequence?!

However, the Christian shows love to all! Why? Because
Jesus first loved us and gave Himself for us while we were lost. We do NOT accept the temptation to fight fire with fire!

Our “rights” come from God, not man! Our earthly
governments may assist, but they cannot give birth to, or guarantee our protection OR our rights!

These things all come from God!

Many are preaching that as times draw near, Christians will be relieved of persecution and suffering by being carried away in “the rapture”!

What does Jesus Christ have to say to us about that?
John 15:20. If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you!
John 16:33 We will have tribulation in the world!
Matthew 10:22 We will be HATED by all for My name’s
Matthew 5:10 Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven!
Additionally: Matthew 5:12 says to rejoice and be exceedingly glad for great is your reward in heaven!

If we are especially blessed with safety, freedom, and
prosperity, we have a holy calling – a natural reaction to assist our brothers and sisters in need.

Pray always. Feed upon the Word as much as possible.
Be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit to guide
and protect you as part of Christ’s real body, built for His glory!

INTERCEDE on behalf of those in need, and for those who persecute

in Jesus’ name, according to His will, by the power and grace of His

Holy Spirit!

Christ IS Risen – Glorify Him!

I wish you all a most blessed Christian Passover!😃

In English, people often refer to this thing called “Easter” – a word/term that does NOT exist in Christian Scripture or the writings of the early Christian fathers.

Pesach in Aramaic, Pascha in Greek, Paska in Russian,
Pascoa in Portuguese, Pasqua in Spanish . . . . .
I think you get the point. Why do ALL the other languages refer to “Easter” as Passover?

See 1 Corinthians 5:7
For truly, Christ, OUR PASSOVER, was sacrificed for us!

Jesus’ Crucifixion (sacrifice) and His blood Atonement for our sins – Haleluia – are most commonly emphasized.

However great that is, and it is great, the Apostle Paul reminds us in 1 Corinthians 15:20 A) . . . Christ is risen from the dead. And 2) verse 15:14 & 17 And if Christ is not risen, then our preaching is empty and your faith is also empty!

Therefore, wether we say: Pascha, Pascoa, Pasqua. . . Christ Jesus is OUR Passover into Life! Examine yourself. If you “celebrate” anything, does it even come close to the Feast of the Resurrection? Or is your celebration of the Resurrection dwarfed by something else like Christmas, New Year, birthday, Independence Day, sporting championship etc.? You get the point. It becomes easy to see exactly how we manifest our belief.

Obviously, many Christians will do ANYTHING to avoid even the slightest thing in common with, say, Roman Catholic practice. I understand that as “Romophobia” or traditions of men. However, we have to exercise discernment not to over react in our separation, creating an odd imbalance of fact, and lose important points of the expression of our faith.

It’s a little amusing at times to see fundamentalists
accuse the RCC of all sorts of spiritual faults, deviations, and transgressions; only to turn around and accept the RCC date for Pascha (which sometimes falls BEFORE the Jewish Passover!!!). If Scripture is the authority, then this mistake is ridiculous.

The Orthodox Christian tradition for finding the feast date for the Resurrection actually requires that it must be after the Jewish Passover! Perhaps Protestantism hasn’t gone far enough in objectively differentiating itself from Rome?

As we can see from early Christian practice, Christians didn’t even celebrate “Christmas” for the first 250 years or so after Christ! In any case, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ vastly outweighs EVERYTHING else😃!

May the Holy Spirit who raised Him from the dead, also
dwell in you, raising you to newness of life in Jesus!
Christ IS Risen – Glorify Him! Now and ever, and to the ages of ages. Amin.
Peace & Maranatha

Jesus vs Mohammed

Here’s an article that compares Jesus with Mohammed.
It is NOT disrespectful or spiteful to either. The article offers a fair comparison with plenty of supportive documentation. I believe that anyone who reads this will be unable to “blindly” follow one or the other.
The purpose of the article should stimulate further reading and open discussion.