Birth, life, and death, is the cycle of life that is universally accepted. And since life after death cannot be proven sufficiently for the general public, whatever good life has to offer, according to this belief, must ultimately be conquered by a greater power – the destructive power of death! Think about that for a moment. Can you see how the world would naturally become fatalistic being stuck with that perspective? Where does an all powerful, active, loving God fit into our picture? For the Christian who experiences the dynamic presence of God, the implications are: passive acknowledgement and some type of corporate association with Jesus Christ and His teachings, or an active, synergistic, responsibility to physically carry out the mandate He entrusted to us! I used to wonder why people argued about this stuff until I realized what was fueling the discussion – some type of denominational/doctrinal agenda, rather than a much less self serving, objective approach to discovering facts/truth. Here are a few Scriptures on the subject of healing that should be familiar to most reading this Blog:
Matthew 10:7-8
Mark 3:14-15
Matthew 21:22
Mark 11:24
John 15:7
Mark 9:23
James 5:14-15
I John 5:14-15 (interesting coincidence)
I Peter 2:24
A great deal of our actions as Christians can be explained by how we have identified ourselves.
For example, are we servants/slaves/petitioners or are we sons/ambassadors/co-heirs of Jesus?
There are all sorts of doctrines about this, but whatever the case, how we see who we are in Christ will reveal
our perceptions, mentality, and ultimately how we react to circumstances AND the type of action we take. This is only a prelude to bigger things.  Please consider the consequences as they relate to your view and approach to healing.

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