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I Peter 4:10   As each one has received a gift, minister it to one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.

Multi-media, non-denominational ministry access and resources. These are NOT endorsements, just recommended as helpful. Please exercise your own discretion.

Randomly listed – not prioritized in any particular order.

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    • Welcome Maya, and thank you for your link! I hope people will begin to find this blog and get inspired by the VERY link you posted! I know I would be grateful to know that I was able to promote this!

      • Only a pleasure enoch153. Open Doors and Pete Cabrera have (also) been great inspirations to me; thank you for creating a central place or these links, that allow us to stay informed and CURRENT.

  1. Here are some various video links about a multi ministry healing workshop that was held in Minnesota. Raw footage – no fancy edits here!


  2. Gary & Sandy Blake are experienced missionaries in Albania and the Balkans.
    Here are a couple of their newsletters!

    Faith + Boldness+ Obedience=Results
    I need to continue with what has happened since the letter entitled “Will Jesus still raise the dead?” This is regarding Parim who is the brother who collapsed at the graveside with a heart attack, and was healed delivered and radically saved. During the next two months we visited him personally only a couple of times for discipleship and gave him some Christian materials to read and hand out in his small market. He was really impressed with the way God had healed him. He said when he woke up after we prayed for him he felt like he could fly. We encouraged him that now that he is a believer, he has the same Spirit in him and he too can lay hands on the sick and they will recover. P was really excited about that. So excited, that he decided to do it. P has no church background which may have been to his benefit. He knew a man named Alim, who was the 72 year old brother of the wife of his deceased brother Kocho. “A” had been stricken with Alzheimer’s for some years, or some form of dementia like it, and could no longer tell where he lived or who he was. A had gotten so physically weak that his family expected him to die in the next day or two. P was moved with compassion and knew he had to do something, so he went to A’s house alone to pray for him. Two days later A was out of his house walking around talking to folks functioning physically very well. I personally interviewed this man and some of his family members less than two weeks ago. One of which is his brother Shpetim (Salvation), who was in the previous story. I spoke with A at length and he was amazingly responsive except some lack in long term memory. This is the real deal! I am embarrassed to say that I have passed over people like this before not even offering prayer because in my mind they were at their end, old and going to die. It looks like God has different ideas than I did. Suffice to say I have repented and have a new outlook on it. Jesus was flogged and died to
    (photo-Gary with formerly mute girl)
    bring healing and salvation to ALL people of all ages and condition. He truly is no respecter of persons.
    Ministry healing training:
    The last several months we have been having increasing good results with healing and deliverance, both in percentage and number of cases we have prayed for. Those we are training are also having similar results. Healing has become more of a lifestyle than an event. It has been interesting how people walk up to us on the street like we should know them. Some we do recognize, then they testify how God healed them of something or set them free when we prayed for them. Some are set free or healed instantly others manifest over a little time, and still others are products of longer duration in faith. But it is wonderful that our awesome Savior is still in the business of destroying the works of the Devil and setting the captives free. Now he has passed the baton to us (all of us who believe), empowered us, and He does it through us.
    We could quite easily make this a many page letter just to cover, the testimonies of healing and deliverance. I will list some of those here in very short form each has its own great details and back story. Maybe we can compile some sort of a book of testimonies some time. If you want more details on any of these just ask us.
    _ 58 year old man healed of heart attack damage high blood pressure, saved from death at the time of heart attack, Is now born again and passing it on to others.
    _ 62 year old man ready to die operated on colon problems suspected cancer. Hadn’t been out of hospital bed 8 days after operation or even drawn up his legs in bed. 20 minutes after prayer he got out of bed by himself, and began walking around. 2 days later he was discharged from the hospital. Both he and his wife are now believers.
    _ 17 year old girl rescued from death in trauma center (entrance granted by divine appointment) by laying on of hands and prayer after complications of double kidney failure. She is now born again and her family has also heard the gospel. We continue to expect the miraculous regeneration of her kidneys. She has improved greatly. but currently still needs dialysis. Still standing for her.
    _ 65 year old woman whose ankle was crushed by a vehicle doctors said she wouldn’t be able to walk on it. Jesus said she could. She is walking pain free and giving glory to God
    _ M a 60 year old woman who had been disabled by MS given up on by her doctors 2 years ago was miraculously healed as we prayed for her over Skype to telephone. She is giving glory to God and doing things she hasn’t been able to do in years.
    _ M a man about 60 years old was stricken with emphysema, had been disabled with various other physical problems as well for 30 years. M had decided not to have the fluid drawn off his lungs any more. Which meant he would soon die from the accumulation. The night before he and his wife talked about the certainty of death. M is the husband of M just above. 5 hours after she was healed we called back to pray for M her husband. The following day we learned he too was healed….. Their lives have been radically changed. They are now seeking God for what He wants them to do with their lives. Both of them were already believers in Jesus. Oh the goodness of God. We believe God will do great things through them.
    _ Franko a boy 11 years old was hit by a car at high speed by a drunk driver. He was in a coma from a closed head injury, and was not expected to live. I am acquainted with the boy’s uncle. 5 days after the accident we learned about it and came to pray. We were not given entrance into the trauma ward this time so we prayed from out side the building. F was airlifted the next day to Turkey. His condition was stabilized while there but he remained in a coma. He was returned to Albania still in a coma. Doctors said “there is nothing we can do its just a matter of time until he dies”. We began in intensive prayer with a team of prayer warriors for Franko and at that very time he started to improve greatly. By the time we were able to locate him in the hospital to lay hands on him, his eyes were already open and his eyes would follow us. In the last 4 days we have witnessed increasing alertness and movement of his hands and feet. It has been three months now since the accident. Franko will walk and be restored again in Jesus Name! And Franko will glorify God.
    _ E our landlord’s 58 year old wife was healed of gall stones, canceling the surgery scheduled to remove her gall bladder. We had encouraged her to get another ultrasound to see if she was healed before the surgery. The doctor couldn’t figure out how those large stones disappeared.
    _ In one house a 42 year old woman B was healed of long term back problems instantly. The next day her mother M was healed of multiple health problems including reflux, esophageal damage to voice box. And several other issues. She slept through the night for the first time in years. The next day B’s 10 year old daughters’ eyes were healed her vision was clouded before, but was made clear. Still waiting for details on the girl.
    _ Last night a woman in her late 50’s who was stricken with arthritus in need of knee and possibly hip replacement and formerly unable to straighten up in her spine got out of her wheel chair and danced with me and told me she was now pain free. We prayed for her two nights before when I asked her when she would get up and dance with me. She answered, “in 2 days”. She got out of her chair the first night and straightened up in her spine but still had great pain in her knees. Others were also praying for her. The third night I saw her sitting in her chair and took her by the hands telling her she promised to dance with me tonight. She began walking and pushed my hand aside and wanted to do it on her own. After she walked a bit We grabbed hands and started dancing.
    _ Also last night a girl about 11 or 12 came running up to me with a huge smile on her face, and threw her arms around me. We then had a conversation about how she was doing etc. That might seem normal but the night before when we prayed for this same girl she was mute. She suffered an emotional trauma, some time before and hadn’t spoken since. Nor did she smile. But Jesus set her FREE.
    _ Another girl about 14 was brought to us for prayer having problems from a broken shoulder suffered at the hand of her violent alcoholic father. She was instantly healed!
    _ A man who had suffered a stroke and still had partial paralysis in his right arm and leg and pain in his head, was instantly set free by the power of God. He now has full use of his arm and leg. Then we explained that this did not happen by any power of ours but by faith in the name of Jesus. Having just received healing he understood without a word that Jesus was Good and loving. In just a few minutes this man was born again.
    _ There are really so many more that could be written in here. And frankly I just remembered several more but I will hold with these for now. Suffice to say that Jesus is Lord over ALL things. We continue to press forward to bring the Kingdom of God wherever we go.
    Thanks to all of you
    . We are so grateful to those of you who have already committed to monthly support, given financially or otherwise, and/or joined the Prayer & intercession team. We know we cannot do this alone, and we value your partnership.
    For those of you who have been considering partnering with us in this ministry. This would be a great time to hear from you. We are still below budget in monthly support. This is the time of the year when all insurances required by the Albanian government have to be paid for another year, which is Auto and health insurance, and annual license fees and taxes all together about $5,000 we need now.
    Thanks for asking God what part He has for you in this mission.

    Franko eyes open getting better

    **Prayer points**
    ∑ Health and Safety ( continuing) and specifically Sandy’s hip, leg and knee.
    ∑ Continued outpouring of favor & power
    ∑ Increased support levels
    We would love to hear from you. Also if the Lord is directing you to partner with us, please let us know how you want to participate. Send us your e-mail and even a picture would be great.
    Contact information:
    Gary and Sandy Blake
    C/O AEP KP 119 Box 35
    Tirana, Albania
    Gary Cell: 011-355-69-406-8646
    Sandy Cell:011-355-69-406-8647
    Support info
    There are now 2 options for tax deductible contribution: make checks payable to either Mission Dispatch Inc, or Sunrise Chapel and mail to the appropriate address.
    ∑ Gary and Sandy Blake
    C/O Mission Dispatch Inc 21911 76th AVE W Suite 211 Edmonds, WA 98026
    ∑ Sonrise Chapel 11625 Airport RD Everett, WA 98204 Tel: 425-355-9129
    The “for” or memo line on the check should read “Albania”. A separate note should be attached stating “support for Gary and Sandy Blake.” If you use bill pay, use “Blake” as the account #

    Blessings, Gary and Sandy
    More to come soon, more on family life and difficulties we face as we go.

  3. and Sandy Blake
    Our mission:
    ” to raise up an army called by His name”
    Issue 8, February 29, 2012

    Sandy has gotten much better in her hip and knee. Praise God! It has taken some serious tenacity on this one. Thank all of you who have been praying for her. Today we went out for about an hour walk through our hilly neighborhood, and she made it back without any lasting pain. She has been working to rebuild her strength, and renew her mind. Complete healing will be manifest!
    This last week has been an interesting challenge. On Monday of last week I promised we would go with Besnik to pray for his Mother and Father who were both bedridden, one for 16 years and the other for 3, and also his twin 23 year old sisters who were mentally retarded and demonized. I went to our house to meet up with Sandy. As I entered the house I heard water running and water had already flooded the bedroom, bathroom and out into the hall. The water heater had overheated and blown out the “one time only” pressure relief valve and flooded us with hot water, then continued releasing cold water. It was a major mess. We got it shut off and mopped up, took the carpets out to drain. We started the fans and heaters then left to pray for the family. We saw this as a diversion from the enemy and were not about to give in to it. If we start giving in to this kind of thing it is sure we would receive more of like kind. After prayer, B’s
    dad was able to move the leg that was paralyzed, and movement was partially restored to the right arm. B’s mom had the pain leave her head and neck and was able to move her hands and wrists more freely. The twins became peaceful. We are expecting even more.
    Besniks’ city was 1-1/2 hours away so we didn’t get back to our house till 10:00 PM and still had a lot to do before bed. The next day we still had lots of cleanup to do and stuff to wash and dry. We had set an appointment to go pray for a man with stage 4 cancer at 5:30 PM. At 4:00 PM a water in the cupboards and flooding out from the kitchen to the living room. This time we were home when it happened, so the flood was smaller though significant. We were not able to completely fix the problem before the appointment but we got it shut off and mopped up and once again, would not let the event deter us. The man’s’ name was Lazarus. We prayed for his healing and Lazarus also confessed Jesus as Lord, that night. Report is that he is doing better, we don’t know how much yet.
    Ministry, training
    In December we travelled to Macedonia where we ministered in Skopje the Capital. You may be surprised to know that there is very little
    Evangelical Christian influence there, even among the Macedonians who are mostly Orthodox. But among the Ethnic Albanians who are more than 30% of the population, there is not even one church! We made some home visits and prayed for people. One couple the pastor had been visiting often received Jesus as Lord after we prayed for the physical, and emotional, health of the wife. They were in church the next day. While there Sultana was healed of high blood
    pressure, G had a remarkable improvement in a knee problem. V was healed of angina instantly. Demonic oppression was lifted from B. D was freed from head and neck pain, and L was delivered from depression. Day after Christmas we ministered at a conference for the Handicapped. Gezim who has been suffering from Muscular dystrophy has actually been improving. We prayed again. This time he wanted to walk. He got out of his wheelchair and walked about 50 feet with our help. First time in 7 years he has been that close to walking. His motor skills were much better and his voice was much stronger and clear. When we
    first met him he could not hold up his head, his speech was weak and garbled. We prayed for several of those attending but we have not heard all the results. Anita’s mother Nexhi was scheduled for surgery to remove a large ovarian cyst. But high blood pressure and high blood sugar were standing in the way. We prayed for her and the next day both of those were within normal levels,
    and she was set free from fear. She also became a follower of Jesus after we prayed for her healing. She had the surgery and is doing well now. The end of January we travelled to Gjilan Kosovo where we preached and trained and prayed for the sick and those in need of deliverance for three days. We worked with two of the churches there. It was a great time with healings and deliverances too numerous to list here now. One evening our neighbors surprised us by inviting a couple (Z and N) who were friends over to their house then asking us up to pray for their healing. Both were healed of serious issues on the spot. A week later we visited Z & N’s house and they had friends and relatives they wanted us to pray for. They are evangelizing and they aren’t even saved yet. God is soooo Good. The neighbor went in the hospital for gall bladder surgery and while we were visiting her and praying for her. We prayed for two other patients in the same room. All were healed and
    were discharged within 32 hours. The most serious, a woman whose skin was very yellow from severe jaundice, began to change color immediately while we all watched.
    These are not even half of the stories we could write of healing & deliverance since the last letter. We are currently putting together a training manual for healing and deliverance in Albanian and will be continuing to train the church, how to set the captives free. Thanks to all of you We are so grateful to those of you who are partnering with us to set the captives free and bring the Kingdom of God. We know we cannot do this alone, and we value your partnership.
    **Prayer points**
     Protection, Health and Safety (continuing) It seems that there have been increased enemy attacks against believers and church leaders in general.
     Continued outpouring of favor & power
     Abundant support levels
    We would love to hear from you.
    Contact information:
    Gary and Sandy Blake
    C/O AEP KP 119 Box 35
    Tirana, Albania
    Gary Cell: 011-355-69-406-8646
    Sandy Cell:011-355-69-406-8647

    Blessings, Gary and Sandy
    Zheni & Nerta 2nd &3rd from left invited to be healed by friends

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