Babylon – USA!

When I was a kid, I remember reading the Scriptures by myself, and recalling the descriptions of Babylon –
the wealth, the liberty, the depravity and sin. I clearly remember thinking to myself how the United States seemed to be very much like that!
Many Christians here are divided and highly critical of each other! We also are drowning in pleasures, distractions, and watered down doctrine!
One organization that sheds much light on the REAL
Christian experience is “Rescue Christians.Org”
Here’s an article and video link that will greatly bless you!


TMI: Too Much Information?

Depending upon where on the planet you call home, there are most certainly conflicts, catastrophes, disasters, and evil manifestations that are specific to your area. OK.
Regardless of the circumstances that we who follow Jesus Christ find ourselves in, fear and panic are NOT options! Yes, sudden or prolonged events offer unique challenges for us to exercise our faith with truth, love, and Holy Spirit power!
My point is that we are living in a world that is swirling out of control! Take your pick:: all forms of evil boil down to some type of rebellion against God and His word! What does that mean?
1) Some of us are hammered by “natural” disasters. Do the research and you will find that weather warfare, including generation of earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, droughts, intense heat waves, and freezing cold are often products of man made geo-engineering ( see!
2) The Fukushima disaster has already resulted in the poisoning of one third of the Pacific Ocean, with no end in sight! Along the west coast of North America, we now have massive die-offs of marine life! There are entire regions of the ocean that are now dead zones since the plankton is now destroyed. Now, most of the earth’s oxygen comes from ocean plankton – when that’s gone, so are we! The spread of radiation AND cancer among the human population here is resulting in highly elevated levels of radiation and resultant cancers (see: )!
3) Most technologically advanced nations have made huge strides in their weaponizing of various deadly viruses (see: Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s “Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola”). Let’s not forget GMO and DNA research! “As in the days of Noah” fallen spirits will again work toward creating ungodly super humans, see: “Corrupting The Image” by Douglas Hamp, or among many other worthy sites. Additionally, “trans-human” scientific research developments are seeking a merging of man and technology (see: featuring Tom Horn/Cris Putnam)! Please, let’s NOT forget forced vaccinations! In the U.S. It is estimated that by the age of 17, people will receive about 60 vaccinations! If you join the military, add another 30 to that! See:
4) CERN: hmmmmmm. Opening a portal for the demonic? Sounds crazy? I wonder why they have a statue of the Hindu god of destruction outside their facility?
(See: There are many websites featuring this ominous development).
5) Shemitah and Harbinger signs of the times, blood moons etc. the 3,000 year old mystery that holds the secret of the world’s future?
See: Some people need stuff like the gathering of storm clouds to wake up; others just stick their head in the sand!
6) International banking control/collapse – self evident. But the implications for personal well being are enormous. If you make preparations for economic disaster, you are, at least in one respect, in a position to help others! Keep your wicks trimmed and conserve your lamp oil!
7) Wars, and rumors of wars. Religious, economic, whatever the rationale, these things are promised by the Lord! The chopping off of heads used to be viewed by many in the west as some type of allegory – not now! The Apostle Paul, in several instances, remarks about how we are to persevere through tribulations/persecutions! One way or another, satanic forces are determined to destroy God’s work. They believe in “order out of chaos”with their iconic emblem being the phoenix rising from the ashes! For insight into that evil agenda, see:
This list could go on and on. What’s the point?

Intercession! Be fruitful with godly works of compassion!

Remember your first love, persevere and have patience Rev. 2:3.
Do not fear those things you are about to suffer Rev.2:10.
Overcome Rev. 2:17 & 3:12.
Have sound doctrine Rev. 2:24.
Be watchful Rev 3:2.
Hold fast and repent Rev. 3:3.
Keep our garments clean and receive the holy eye salve that we may see Rev. 3:18.
Open the door to the heart WHENEVER the Lord knocks! Rev. 3:20.
These are just a few notes.

Peace be with you all in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ!

Urgent Personal Prayer Request

I rarely do this on this Blog, but here goes.

I know that there are many of you brothers and sisters
all over the world who exercise faith – join with me on this!

In some English versions of the NT, it says “By His stripes, you WERE healed! Therefore, we ask AND we thank Jesus for His help!

We know that Jesus Christ sacrificed himself, once and for all!

We know that He was raised from the dead, and has put ALL things under His feet, including illness!

I am therefore, asking you all to join with me in prayer
on behalf of a close friend’s wife who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer.

She will be going to hospital on Friday for surgery.
Let them open her up and find NOTHING!
In Jesus’ name, bind and destroy all fear, anxiety, and doubts! Fill her with the power and love of Your Holy Spirit that CASTS OUT all infirmities by Your grace.

Let the doctors be amazed and repent when they witness Your compassion!

I will post the good news as I receive it.
Her name is Liza.
God IS Blessing!

Asking The Right Question?

Beware of certain questions. Not questions that challenge our comfort zones (spiritual or otherwise).  I’m referring to those questions that PRESUME too much, or those that create unrealistic parameters – a logic trap of sorts.

Once we realize that Christian faith is an “action” rather than a possession, we start to discover a “truth continuum” that reveals itself by its very nature. Sound familiar?

Fact: the way that Jesus decides to reveal Himself is quite up to Him! That many people have doubts, or openly oppose the existence of Christ Jesus our Lord and God can tempt some of us to strive for some type of proof, proof enough to make a convincing point.

Although astrophysics and biochemistry may shed important points of data about certain aspects of God’s creation, and CERN researchers are striving to uncover insights about the quantum nature of the physical universe and time itself, the fact remains that
a living relationship with a real God is about viability and trust – NOT information! Either His promises and actions are true, or they are not. It’s not about the level or amount of information acquired – that’s Gnosticism!

Meditate on that.

If knowledge and information were the measure of a Christian, then heaven would be populated by martyred theologians and scholars! I say “martyred” because of the ultimate personal sacrifice on behalf of another. However, we can obviously see that such is not the case.

When listening to scientists who have received Christ as their Lord (I say “received” because scientists sometimes think that they have “discovered” Him😃), they often make a strong case that naturally appeals to the intellect.

Often, their foundation is the ego because, ultimately, none of these intelligent experts want to be perceived as an idiot. So, their self respect can sometimes come from providing a solid argument.

When Jesus Christ steps into your life and you are restored in mind, body, soul, or all three, do you rush to analyze? If you are risen from the dead, or raise someone from the dead, do you clinically evaluate the process? Or do you raise your arms and your heart to offer praises and glory to the King of all?!

This is NOT anti intellectualism.

Beware of incredibly stupid phrases like “blind faith”!
Faith is by no means “blind”! The whole thing is an evil
saying to confuse the people of the true nature of living faith, and our living God!

Two different resources for your inspection are:

The first one is by author Josh Peck. The second one features

various scientists who are Christians! Judge for yourself.



Persecution Is NOT A Human Rights Issue!

Why is it that the Christians who are imprisoned, tortured, and otherwise persecuted are NOT those who carry out violence toward others? Why is that?

Their homes are burned; their children captured as slaves, or tortured and killed; they are imprisoned,
and beheaded! Why? Because they are so dangerous?
Because they are such a horrible threat?

Or is it because evil , working through men, seeks to
attack like a criminal – ONLY when they perceive that it is safe for them to do so without consequence?!

However, the Christian shows love to all! Why? Because
Jesus first loved us and gave Himself for us while we were lost. We do NOT accept the temptation to fight fire with fire!

Our “rights” come from God, not man! Our earthly
governments may assist, but they cannot give birth to, or guarantee our protection OR our rights!

These things all come from God!

Many are preaching that as times draw near, Christians will be relieved of persecution and suffering by being carried away in “the rapture”!

What does Jesus Christ have to say to us about that?
John 15:20. If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you!
John 16:33 We will have tribulation in the world!
Matthew 10:22 We will be HATED by all for My name’s
Matthew 5:10 Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven!
Additionally: Matthew 5:12 says to rejoice and be exceedingly glad for great is your reward in heaven!

If we are especially blessed with safety, freedom, and
prosperity, we have a holy calling – a natural reaction to assist our brothers and sisters in need.

Pray always. Feed upon the Word as much as possible.
Be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit to guide
and protect you as part of Christ’s real body, built for His glory!

INTERCEDE on behalf of those in need, and for those who persecute

in Jesus’ name, according to His will, by the power and grace of His

Holy Spirit!

All We Can Do Is Pray?

Have you heard this before? In conversation, people are frustrated or discouraged with the events of the day, and all the suffering in the world. So, the remark is often made “All we can do is pray!”

OK, that’s actually confessing defeat! 😡
Prayer is NOT a “wish” and prayer is NOT a last resort!

Here are only a few Scriptures:

First, who are we as Christians?
Romans 8:14 Sons of God!
2 Corinthians 5:2 Ambassadors of Christ!

Second, who are we communicating with?
1 Corinthians 15:20 The RISEN Lord!
1 Timothy 2:5 & Hebrews 8:6 Our personal Mediator!
Ephesians 1:22; 1 Corinthians 15:25 & 27 He has put
ALL enemies under His feet!

Hebrews 8:1 We have a High Priest who is seated at the right hand of the throne of majesty in the heavens!

Why pray?
Matthew 27:51 Through His Crucifixion AND Resurrection, He has placed ALL things under His feet!
Matthew 27:51 the veil separating us from the holy Temple was torn in two!
Ephesians 3:12 Therefore, we have direct access to God –
Hebrews 4:16 we BOLDLY enter into the throne of Grace !

Hebrews 6:19 Our prayers enter the presence of God behind the veil!

How should we pray?
Matthew 17:20 With the action of faith!
Mark 11:24 With the belief that is is ALREADY done!
John 14:13-14 In the name of Jesus!
Matthew 26:41 With the vigilance of a watchman!
Mark 11:25 With forgiveness for others.
John 11:22 With certainty!
1 Corinthians 1:9 BECAUSE GOD IS FAITHFUL!

Why are some prayers unanswered?
James 4:3 We ask for selfish, or other bad reasons!
We let ourselves sometimes be talked out of
faith. We are distracted. We are lazy.. . . .

Now that we are fully armed (Ehpesians 3:14-17)
what should we do?

Lord, come quickly!

Artificial Intelligence NWO

There are so many reports out there about every new warning or development toward the End Times! Unfortunately, many people are motivated by fear. Others have misguided hopes of being spared persecution or suffering for Christ.

John 15:20 says “If they persecuted Me, they will persecute you!”
Romans 12:14 “Bless them who persecute you; bless and do not curse.”

Whatever happens, however it happens, we must receive the covering of the sacrifice of the body and blood of Jesus Christ and His victorious resurrection for our sins, through the Word, repentance, holy Baptism, renewing of the mind, believing, exercising faith through the Grace of the Holy Spirit, to the glory of God the Father!

Sometimes, when I’ve been in serious danger, I haven’t had time to be scared. The Holy Spirit rushes in. Faith is powered up. The saving relationship with Jesus Christ is fired up. The situation is dealt with to the glory of God! I wish every situation were like that. However,
there is so much suffering, in so many ways out there in the real world!

My hope, your hope, is in our Lord Jesus Christ!
HIS will is done! His Holy Spirit gives Life!

When the world finally shifts to a “UN” form of government that strips nations of their sovereignty,
people will see what the real new world order looks like!

Computers will run everything! Artificial Intelligence
will be so powerful as to dwarf the “geniuses” who created it! “Machines” will attempt to rule with unimaginable power! People will be like ants or worms in comparison!

Bibles will be seen as dangerous, as they now, and have historically been attacked by “religions” of the world.! Algorithms and other computing resources
are currently recording EVERY message, comment, and communication to profile EVERY individual!

The whole point is control. As Christians, we do no harm, yet we are attacked! While there is yet time,
continue to pray for the repentance, salvation, and discipleship of those who do or wish to do evil.
Otherwise, what value are we?

If this Blog goes silent, is taken down, or my message somehow shifts to one that is not consistent with previous content – be advised – the time has come that my Blog has been compromised!

I rely upon your prayers. I pray for you all. May the Peace and Grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with you all, now and always, until the end of the Age.

Medical Dictatorship

Regardless of the evil forces behind sin, suffering, and disease, historically the pathways for most illnesses have been created by contaminated water, poor personal/public hygiene, and nutritional deficiencies.

So, what’s the “world’s” solution? Drugs, vaccinations, and chemicals?

Whenever Jesus heals someone through your intervention of laying hands upon them in Jesus’ name, or through prayer intercession in accordance to the Scriptures, isn’t it odd how doctors react? I’ve found that, most times, they are not sincerely happy
for their “patient’!

Perhaps that’s because The Lord, Who is the real Physician of spirit AND body, reminds them of Truths
that are much higher than simple medical ethics?

Take a look at this article to see where the medical field is headed!

Christ IS Risen – Glorify Him!

I wish you all a most blessed Christian Passover!😃

In English, people often refer to this thing called “Easter” – a word/term that does NOT exist in Christian Scripture or the writings of the early Christian fathers.

Pesach in Aramaic, Pascha in Greek, Paska in Russian,
Pascoa in Portuguese, Pasqua in Spanish . . . . .
I think you get the point. Why do ALL the other languages refer to “Easter” as Passover?

See 1 Corinthians 5:7
For truly, Christ, OUR PASSOVER, was sacrificed for us!

Jesus’ Crucifixion (sacrifice) and His blood Atonement for our sins – Haleluia – are most commonly emphasized.

However great that is, and it is great, the Apostle Paul reminds us in 1 Corinthians 15:20 A) . . . Christ is risen from the dead. And 2) verse 15:14 & 17 And if Christ is not risen, then our preaching is empty and your faith is also empty!

Therefore, wether we say: Pascha, Pascoa, Pasqua. . . Christ Jesus is OUR Passover into Life! Examine yourself. If you “celebrate” anything, does it even come close to the Feast of the Resurrection? Or is your celebration of the Resurrection dwarfed by something else like Christmas, New Year, birthday, Independence Day, sporting championship etc.? You get the point. It becomes easy to see exactly how we manifest our belief.

Obviously, many Christians will do ANYTHING to avoid even the slightest thing in common with, say, Roman Catholic practice. I understand that as “Romophobia” or traditions of men. However, we have to exercise discernment not to over react in our separation, creating an odd imbalance of fact, and lose important points of the expression of our faith.

It’s a little amusing at times to see fundamentalists
accuse the RCC of all sorts of spiritual faults, deviations, and transgressions; only to turn around and accept the RCC date for Pascha (which sometimes falls BEFORE the Jewish Passover!!!). If Scripture is the authority, then this mistake is ridiculous.

The Orthodox Christian tradition for finding the feast date for the Resurrection actually requires that it must be after the Jewish Passover! Perhaps Protestantism hasn’t gone far enough in objectively differentiating itself from Rome?

As we can see from early Christian practice, Christians didn’t even celebrate “Christmas” for the first 250 years or so after Christ! In any case, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ vastly outweighs EVERYTHING else😃!

May the Holy Spirit who raised Him from the dead, also
dwell in you, raising you to newness of life in Jesus!
Christ IS Risen – Glorify Him! Now and ever, and to the ages of ages. Amin.
Peace & Maranatha

Surveillance Technology

I have long advocated for “low technology” like real Bibles, books and reference materials. Sure, all the latest apps and Internet resources are great. But what happens when they are turned off, used to monitor us, or worse? Snowden’s revelations have already become like that of

Solzhenitsyn – forgotten.

I just saw a most disturbing commercial for a home robotics unit! Since each new technology comes along with a set of “must have” conveniences, please do NOT be deceived. All or most of this new stuff simply create more avenues of control over people!

Watch at your own risk. The brainwashing aspect is
astounding – this is the “friendly/happy face” of electronic dictatorship brought into the home!