Service To Others

Philippians 2:4   Let each of you look out not only for his own interest, but also for the interests of others.

Links and posts for opportunities and needs for Christian service to others:

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  1. I would like to make you aware of a local food ministry located in Columbia, MO.  This ministry is run by Edith Prince of Russell Chapel C.M.E. Church.

    The mission of the Russell Chapel Community Food Pantry is to collect and distribute food, clothing and other resources to the members of the community with needs after experiencing hardships, based on devastation or poverty.

    The food pantry was established Feb 23, 2001. They open two to three times a month serving whoever walks in the door in need – generally 195 – 200 persons.  They have no official guidelines but they do report numbers served to the Central Missouri Food Bank.  They purchase food when it is not available from the food bank.  Donations of clothing and household items and money are always welcomed.

    2010 Statistics

    People Served:  4,044
    Pounds of food:  59,903
    Value at $1.60 per pound:  $95,845
    Pounds per Person:  14.81
    Averaging 200 children per month

    Thank you.


  2. Helping Hands, Caring Hearts Ministry is a non-profit 501 c-3 organization that “Provides Love and Hope to the Homeless One Meal at a Time and Shares God’s Love to a Hurting Communtiy”. What started with the simple act of kindness of giving a cup of soup to one homeless man living in a dumpster enclosure eight years ago, has now been transformed into a ministry that serves a hot home-cooked meal each Sunday to homeless and families at risk. In addition to serving a meal to 120-160 guests each Sunday in downtown Pomona, Calif., we provide groceries, clothing, and pet food for our guest’s 4-legged companions.

    We are a Christian ministry that shares the message of God’s salvation and love to all people. We are all volunteers and have no paid positions. 100% of all donations go directly back into the ministry.

    If you would like to support this ministry, please send your donation to Helping Hands, Caring Hearts Ministry (HHCH Min) PO Box 167. Pomona, Ca 91769
    You can also google us by typing Helping HAnds, Caring Hearts Ministry Pomona, Calif.

    Donna Dolgovin
    President and Founder
    Helping Hands, Caring Hearts Ministry

  3. Feeding The Homeless And The Poor In Tampa, Florida
    Food on Foot Tampa, Florida
    Tampa Food Pantry
    Hillsborough County Homeless Food Location
    Food under the bridge Tampa

    Tampa Angels at Jesus House
    11731 N. 15th Street
    Tampa, Florida 33612

    When your heart reaches out to help, call Tampa Angels 813-449-2300

    Feeding Monday-Saturday noon to 1pm
    Sunday evening homeless church service at 5pm with feed at 6-7pm

    Food You Can Donate
    Chicken, turkey, pork, beef, fish, 50lbs potatoes, 50lbs pinto beans, bread, 50 lbs rice, cups, plates, bowls, sandwiches, soft drinks, juices & juice mixes, tea to make ice tea, all kinds of soups, crackers, butter, seasonings, salad dressings, fresh vegies, fruit, oranges, apples, and any canned foods.

    Had a party or a large meeting and have lots of left over food? Call Tampa Angel’s for pickup 813-449-2300

    Things you can donate: small bars of soap, wash cloths, bath towels, toothpaste, toothbrush, wash cloths, towels, socks, underwear, backpacks, bicycles, and old vehicles.

    Love and Hope
    When you give, it is a demonstration of your love. When the homeless and the poor receive your gifts they are given hope.

  4. (Originally addressed to Steve Quayle)

    February 2012

    Our ministry, Liberty Disaster Relief, in Liberty, Missouri has been operating since approx. 2005. We are a ministry dedicated to the serving of our Lord Jesus Christ. We take seriously His command to “feed the hungry, clothe the naked and take in the poor wanderer.” At present we are feeding somewhere between 4,000 – 5,000 people per month. We also have a clothes closet where folks can donate clothing or take as they have needs at no cost.  We use disaster relief in our name because you don’t need a hurricane, tornado or an earthquake to have a disaster. If you open your cupboard to fix supper for your family and it’s bare, or if you have to make a choice between medicine and food or if you find yourself on the street, you are having a disaster.

    We also have eight townhouses in which we house between 50-70 people. Some are ministers for the Lord Jesus, some were homeless and there are those whom are somewhere in-between. Trust me, if you want to learn patience from the Lord real fast, take in some homeless people and try to love them real well.  

    The ministers here are from the US, Canada, and Europe and most have specifically heard from the Lord to come to Liberty and help with the Ministry. We receive no pay or salary. We do this to serve our Lord Jesus Christ. All of the donations to the ministry are used to pay the rent on our townhouses and the facility for our food pantry and clothes closet, all of our utilities and gas and maintenance for our vans. We do all of this with a budget of around $100,000 a year! With a government program, that would be enough for one salary!

    One of our elders is Doug Perry. If you desire more information you can contact him by phone @ 816.255.5766 or email: I give you his info because I don’t check my email often.

    We could sure use the food Steve. The supermarkets don’t supply us with as much as they used to. The Lord Jesus does provide though.

    Thanks for your time Steve and may the Lord richly bless you and yours,

    Rusty McAlister
    Liberty Disaster Relief

  5. I am contacting on behalf of Wichita Falls (Texas) Faith Mission, Inc. I have read your blog for years now and this is my first time to contact you. The local mission feeds and houses the homeless between Dallas and Oklahoma City and has a Christ centered recovery program for both men and women and are opening a new women’s shelter called Faith Refuge – solely for the housing and feeding of the homeless women and their children. They will be opening a 134 bed facility April 1st of this year and will most definitely be needing food and staples for this location as well as the Faith Mission downtown that will remain open and do likewise for the homeless men of this region.

    Last year 98,650 meals were served to the homeless at the Faith Mission facility and provided over 34,000 nights of shelter for the homeless. Unfortunately, this population continues to grow; however, the Lord has been faithful to provide for the new building. It is important that you know: Faith Mission takes no government money.

    The Executive Director of Faith Mission is Steve Sparks. The location is 1300 Travis, Wichita Falls, TX and the mailing address is PO Box 965, Wichita Falls, TX 76307 Steve’s email is and his phone is (940)631-6094 (cell) and the Mission’s is (940)723-5663.

  6. Good Day;
    We have an outreach mission in Ocean City, MD.

    It is not affilated with any mainstream church ro denomination.

    We serve hot meals twice a week in the winter and 4 times a week in the summer. Our guests have access to free clothing, free bedding, free books and Hid unfiltered Word. We also have a free coffee house on Fridays… live Christian music and a come as you are Sunday service with a morning meal following.

    We began ministering 2 yrs ago and have served close to 11,000 meals. We do not require paperwork or personal information. All you need be is hungry, homeless, hopeless or helpless and you qualify. Our guidon is the words of Christ to Peter…”If you love me then feed my sheep.”

    You can check us out on facebook. Lands End Fellowship/ His Praise Place or my page Rich Burkhard

    We do not get food from the gov’t as we wont comply with their tracking regs and our state food bank doesn’t like the idea of Christian music and the Word being spoken in the room where ppl eat… they eat in our sanctuary and I will bring His Word wherever I am commanded.

    All of our physical ministry… food, clothing, the building (a former bar) , tables, chairs it all has been donated we need hings like toilet paper and towels, dishliquuid, hand soap, as well as produce and meats.

    If this is what you do then prayerfully consider us. You can reach me at 315.486.3734 or by email:

    Our mission is located @ 102 Worcester St, Ocean City, Md 21842. Feel free to check us out with the local police or radio station 98.1 FM they both are supporters of our work.

    Blessed to Bless

    Pastor Rich Burkhard

  7. Here’s an updated list of ministries asking for help with food donations. I’m sure there’s some overlap with the above. Your donations, and or passing the links on are sincerely appreciated ! Scroll all the way as states are listed alphabetically.

    Request For Food Assistance
    Helping Hands, Caring Hearts Ministry

    Request For Food Assistance For The Poor In Delaware

    Feeding The Homeless And The Poor In Tampa

    Messiah’s Branch

    Lands End Fellowship/ His Praise Place

    Ministry that Feeds the Hungry in Flint

    Hope City
    Liberty Disaster Relief
    Russell Chapel C.M.E. Church

    God’s Food Ministry In Carson City

    New Mexico
    Joy Junction

    New York
    Niagara Gospel Rescue Mission

    Streetscape Ministries in Galveston
    Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County
    Faith Mission in Wichita Falls

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