Babylon – USA!

When I was a kid, I remember reading the Scriptures by myself, and recalling the descriptions of Babylon –
the wealth, the liberty, the depravity and sin. I clearly remember thinking to myself how the United States seemed to be very much like that!
Many Christians here are divided and highly critical of each other! We also are drowning in pleasures, distractions, and watered down doctrine!
One organization that sheds much light on the REAL
Christian experience is “Rescue Christians.Org”
Here’s an article and video link that will greatly bless you!


World Watch List 2015

Open Doors has published its 2015 World Watch List
that ranks countries by their level of Christian persecution.
Unfortunately, no list is perfect. For example, I know as a fact that Venezuela should be on the list based upon persecution of Christians under the Maduro regime! In any case – please check it out: