Occult Symbolism – Mark of The Beast

Have you ever wondered why there are so many designs, statues, monuments, and structures in the U.S. Capitol that are of clear occult origin? Why is that? Why do we need an Egyptian obelisk (phallic sun worship – Isis/Osiris cult), and a huge reflection pool near the nation’s House of Congress (womb).  The same building that has an elaborate mural depicting the “Apotheosis” (becoming a god) of George Washington, surrounded by Greek gods! UNBELIEVABLE, but true!

The famous Statue of Liberty is also replete with occult significance. That torch (like the one Prometheus snatched from the gods) is supposed to enlighten us? We worship Liberty? None of that makes any sense to ANY of the world’s major faiths. And Christianity?

Right now, there’s a huge economic war over the use of the “petro-dollar”! Some say that it signaled the start of WWIII. What I mean is that the US banking cartel (the so called Federal Reserve) is struggling to continue their stranglehold of the global trade of oil transacted in U.S. dollars. Much intrigue there.

Let’s take a brief look at that “dollar”- why all the occult symbols and references? The more you look, the more you find. Could it be that the God of this world wants his stamp and seal on everything?

Pastors often preach about spiritual things, at the expense of practical things like money! The OT warns us not to be slaves through debt. For example, every 7th year was a Jubilee year where, among other things, ALL debts were erased! Why? Because the borrower is slave to the lender: therefore, freedom, economic freedom is that important! We shall know the truth, and the truth shall set us free – free from economic slavery too, if we know how to apply the Word to our lives.

The Watchmen have been largely asleep while all this has been constructed. America has been largely unfaithful to the Word of God. Our slavery will worsen until we line up with the central truths within Holy Scripture and repent of it! “…Forgive us our debts as WE forgive our debtors…” Repentance and forgiveness go hand in hand😀!

Many exciting movies like National Treasure, The DaVinci Code etc. include all the satanic symbolism, yet they offer no real solution. Very pedestrian. Unfortunately, when walking out into traffic, we have to look both ways, or we seriously risk being run over!

Test the spirits. Be informed. Watch over your heart as you renew your mind with the Scriptures! Do not put your head in the sand. Remember, you too are also marked with a sign and seal of the gift of the Holy Spirit! OCCUPY until He returns. That’s an order!

Peace & Maranatha