Revival – Gifts of the Spirit?

I think I’ve written about this before. I most certainly believe what the Scripture says about the spiritual gifts! They were real then, and they are real now! There really isn’t anything written about God withdrawing His gifts, as in the doctrine of dispensationalism.

It’s a scared cow. Both sides are lined up against each other, and the devil gets more than a good laugh from this infighting. How sad.

I was at a meeting recently when someone used one of those spiritual buzzwords: revival. I’ve never liked the word. It’s also NOT in the Bible. But neither are other words we use like vacation, or birthday – but we still use them.

The issue I’ve always had with the “R” word is that it strictly implies re-animation, or even resurrection. Specifically, something was “dead” and now is brought back to life!

Can we agree that the Lord God is ever present? Jesus does say that the Spirit comes and goes, and no man can control it (John 3:8). However, we are PROMISED the Comforter (John 15:26). And are we not temples of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19)? Does that Spirit simply come and go? I can see that the “intensity” raises and falls, but we are NEVER “empty” especially because Jesus says that He will be with us ALWAYS (Matthew 28:20)!

Who or what is then dead? 2 Corinthians 5:14 answers this without a doubt! When our mind is renewed (Ephesians 4:23), is it saying that the new creation will periodically die and need to be revived? Or, does the Apostle guarantee that the Spirit will increase in us when we are obedient and exercise faith?

Why is the word “revival” such a powerful word among many Christians? I think the answer is twofold. First, the “R” word is VERY emotionally charged! It cuts right to where most Christians are vulnerable – their very status as Spirit filled believers! Second, it seems very clear that the word is used as a tool to guide/motivate/manipulate people into accepting the whole church process of the “gatekeepers” authority/control to experience God! Think about that for a moment.

God is ever present. Our spiritual results, our fruits are based upon: being born-again( baptism of water AND Spirit), repentance, obedience, trust, love, faith, walking within God’s holy Scripture, doing His will, and probably a few other things! These things are certainly not separate, but quite beautifully interrelated – praise God!

Did we receive the Holy Spirit, only to be in need of a “refill”? Does He leave us hanging, only to return in times of crisis? Does He “show up” because we have lots of people expecting it?

Whatever spiritual gifts are manifested in us, we have the same Spirit!
That Spirit bears fruit according to several conditions. Most times, the spiritual gifts are limited by us. We tend to use those gifts most familiar to us and those which seem most evident. That’s very practical, very understandable, but quite the opposite of actual faith! Don’t assume that you are my target. Hey, I’m speaking to me too😃!

Whenever, whatever we were gifted with, we can be confident that those gifts are ever present with the Holy Spirit! How do we know? See 2 Timothy 1:6 for the answer! ! ! Our job is to do the will of God with those gifts for His Glory!

Peace & Maranatha!



Why are Christians and the Christian Church seen as some kind of threat? Because of institutionalism! Once we take the teachings of Jesus Christ and manufacture a religion, we have just created a social/political entity with rules, regulations, AND enforcement with consequences!
When governments demand control over us, Christianity is often mistaken for an adversary. Under that scenario, when people discover the Gospel message AND its power, they become unwitting rebels. Rebels who make their neighbors VERY nervous about their comfort zones!
Ultimately, belief in God is tolerated. However, a visible “relationship” with the Lord Jesus Christ is to some, strangely attractive, yet to others, very threatening. Hence, the conflict.

If there were no “good” and no “evil” in the world, things might be fine. We would all just sort out our existence against natural forces and each other. Yet, the very existence of a real Creator with an action plan who has a very active “antagonist” results in the grand chessboard, or as they used to say in Roman times, the “arena” upon which those forces work with us for good or bad.
What I’m trying to say is that there is more to Christophobia than literally meets the eye. The unseen forces. principalities, and powers are waging spiritual warfare against humanity! Reason alone is not sufficient to describe the levels of vicious hatred and persecution that are being waged by so-called Christians, and their adversaries.
That’s just another great reason to pray for those who persecute us (Matthew 5:44; Romans 12:14; 1 Corinthians 4:12)!

Should we be surprised when we pray for our enemies and they are healed? Should we be surprised when we are hated for bearing spiritual fruit as proof of our Almighty God? These things can either serve to attract disciples, or their effect can be as heaping coals upon the head – the resulting outrage of realizing how wrong a person is!

Has anyone ever asked you if you “believe” you have a dad or mom? So, why do they ask if we “believe” in Jesus? We KNOW Him! He KNOWS us! We SPEAK to Him! He ANSWERS us through His Scripture, dreams, visions, prophecies, words of knowledge, and so much more!

Perhaps men can choose to dispute this with the power of reason. The devil very clearly opposes this with deception, temptation, half-truths, hatred, fury, violence, and every form of evil. Stay vigilant. Be the salt and light while the time remains.

Peace & Maranatha

Update From Albania!

Blake Family Missionaries
Gary and Sandy Blake
Our mission:
” to raise up an army called by His name”
Issue 11, August 15, 2013
We are grateful for the work of the Holy Spirit through us to set the captives free and to release His Sons and Daughters to grow up into Jesus and to do the same works Jesus did.
Ministry in Turkey
In early March we traveled to Istanbul and there we met with one of my students Bruna from the bible college who was serving as a missionary -intern there. We were able to pray and encourage several there both from the missionary community and the local believers. One of those locals we had ministered to (Maria 29) invited us to come again to Istanbul May 21-24 to teach her family healing and deliverance and pray for her personally. She had been diagnosed with lung cancer sometime after our first meeting, at which time neither she nor we, knew she had any health issues. They were so hungry for the word of God. This is truly a beautiful Christian family and it seems that we had two or three sessions a day to teach and minister healing and deliverance not only family members, but extended family and friends. This family is directly descended from Aram the son of Seth the son of Noah. The language they speak in the home is Aramaic the same that Jesus spoke. Maria’s last scan, July 21 indicates that the tumor has shrunk, and from the day we prayed she has been able to breathe freely. Several other healings took place as well but this is a brief newsletter. I have documented these and other cases this year and have filled 4 small journals already, and working on the fifth.
More healing training seminars
March 24 we began our first open training in Tirana. There were between 45 and 60 who attended each of the eight nights. There were several miraculously healed during the course of the seminar. Though I never gave any teaching directed to Evangelism 5 people received Jesus. Two people were healed of Diabetes, many backs knees, shoulders, and necks. Thyroid disorders,
eye problems, infertility, and demonic oppression, were healed as our team ministered life to those in need. Interestingly one young man was healed of a shoulder problem accidentally when I was sharing a testimony, which I was using to teach people how to pray in authority and to command the problem to be healed or to leave. The moment I spoke the words into the room “be healed in Jesus name”, he was instantly healed. I didn’t even know he had the problem.
After the training several got new boldness and a new kind of results. One of those had some excellent results in praying for one neighbor, then another. Then that person knew a family with an epileptic and autistic boy 21 years old. She went first and prayed and the boy slept through the night for the first time in 18 years. We went there together later and the boy was set free from the epilepsy and began to speak in full sentences. He also received Jesus as lord. Five others who either came later, or were already there during our short visit were also healed of various ailments. None of these were Christians.
Well this was marvelous and we visited again there maybe 3 weeks later. The boy was doing well, seizure free and communicating normally though he was a bit shy to answer direct questions. He has never gone to school his whole life so he was kept at home and could not use stairs because of the danger of him having a seizure of which he had several each day, even when receiving medication. But at the time he was set free he had not been on any medication for a month because the family is very poor and did not have money for the medication. I suggested that since they had already quit giving
Group Photo of some of those attending the Divine Healing Training given in Tirana Albania

the medication and he was now seizure free without it, there was no point in trying to get more and give it to him again. Then the mother began to tell an interesting story. She said she had lost the boys public assistance card and needed to get a replacement. The state was giving financial assistance for the boy because he was considered disabled, and rightly so. When she applied for a new assistance card the agency wanted to see the boy. When they did see him he appeared to them to be normal and they said he had no right to receive assistance even accused her of fraud. They required that the boy be re-examined by a doctor. Now even though the boy was no longer disabled he was still untrained and should have qualified until he was trained for some work. She was terrified about the potential loss of income to the family and was indicating she was willing to lie about his current condition to get the assistance, and or bribe the physician to lie though she didn’t know where she could get that money. I advised her not to do that and trust God to provide instead. I wish I could say she heeded the counsel, but she did not. Instead she began to tell her son he is still sick and give him the medicine he no longer needed and indeed the boy began to regress and become agitated, presumably because of the meds. But as far as I could understand he is still seizure free. The young woman who had begun so well was devastated by this setback as she just couldn’t bear the pain of this reversal. What we know is that we have seen more than one such case where someone denies their true miracle in order to maintain some form of disability support. Others in healing ministry
have had similar experiences.
That said, we have to be prepared to continue on to destroy the works of the devil. And we must stand up to the opposition and refuse to give up or be defeated. There is opposition from the enemy to what we do, and at this point in this story it looks like we lost this particular battle, but, this is not the end of the story. We fully expect to report victory also in this case.
Home visit to USA
There are so very many wonderful stories of what God is doing in the Balkans through us we will have to write another letter soon. There is also an opportunity for you to see us in person. We will
be visiting the USA from Sept. 20 through Dec 1. During that time we are expecting the arrival of two more Blake grandsons one near Oct. 2 and the other near Oct.26. You could have us over for dinner, a home meeting, church service, prayer ministry, training in healing and deliverance etc.. What we have freely received we freely give. We will be posting our speaking itinerary as it develops. Of course we will be spending plenty of time with our family also.
Thanks to all of you
We are so grateful to those of you who are partnering with us to set the captives free and bring the Kingdom of God. We know we cannot do this alone, and we value your partnership.
**Prayer points**
 Protection, Health and Safety (continuing)  Against recent increase in enemy attacks,
car break in, attacks against co-workers,
 Abundant outpouring of Life through us.
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