Perception vs Reality

When people have an NDE (near death experience), one thing that TOTALLY changes is their perception, their point of view! That changes everything!

When we intercede for others, we usually have no idea of the impact,
especially when we’re unable to “see” the results or impact! (See Hebrews 11:1)

Since in Greek, “faith” is a verb, something one must exercise, not a possession, we have to proceed on that foundation of confidence AND hope that our intercessions are making the difference (Mark 11:24)!

To do otherwise is to lower our prayer action to: begging, wishing, or just having good intentions! Therefore, following that line, we end up with James 4:3 and related shortcomings that just don’t work!

No results do NOT equal “God’s fault”!

Recently, someone very mature, very experienced in Christian ministry, asked me, “tested me” with the question: “Does God ALWAYS heal?” I was a little shocked. This person has been very faithful in his walk with Christ. You also know that the key to most questions is usually found in the question itself.

In order to prevent ongoing controversy, or disruptive disputes, I decided not to insist on my beliefs (1 Corinthians 13:4. . . ) I was aiming more for consensus as a group member than starting a doctrinal sword fight! The brother felt at ease. Probably because he understood that I was not challenging his faith. However, the Lord chastises me and challenges me daily – for my own good!

As I reflect on that question, a few assumptions jump up immediately: Did Jesus always heal? Did the Apostles refuse healing from those who requested it? Does God always love? Does God always judge? Does God always minister to us?
If we obey, trust, and exercise true faith, does God always save us? When baptized, is the “new man” always born, and the old man always put to death?

Does our Father in heaven give us our daily bread, forgive us as we forgive, and lead us away from evil? I believe so. I experience it. I read that in His holy Scriptures.

I think that question is really asking what is God’s will. There are many things on His agenda! At the same time we are living in a spiritual war zone. People are being injured, suffering, and being killed everyday. Whose fault is that? Not the Lord’s! ! !

So, what’s your perception? Do you have a “healing ministry”? Do you have an “intercessory ministry”? Do you have a “prophetic ministry”? Are you a watchman who is sounding the alarm on behalf of the people? Do you freely share the Gospel since it was freely shared with you? Do you do unto others as you would have them do unto you?

Is your body the temple of the Holy Spirit which is the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, Who put all things under His feet? If so, you have received the exact same Spirit that that bears ALL the spiritual gifts according to His will to do His will! If we see that, we’ll start to do that with truth, love, compassion, and Holy Spirit power!

Peace & Maranatha

Principles of Christian Healing

This is borrowed from the “Love Says Go” website.
Of course, there are all sorts of considerations regarding praying for the deliverance of others from various illnesses and afflictions.

Here are a few insights.

I said earlier that no one walking the planet has a 100% success rate in healing but I believe Jesus has paid the price for His bride to walk in 100% healing for others. God has a finished work of the cross on His end and its our privilege, duty and mandate to learn how to bring heaven to earth for others.

So how do you grow in more tangible results? This is what I believe to be true at this point in my life but not necessarily in order of importance:

1) “Ask” the Father for more breakthroughs in healing the sick. “You have not because you ask not”. James 4:3 “Ask and it will be given you” Matthew 7:7

2) Pray for grace to receive God’s heart of compassion for helping people get free from sickness. When you have His love for others power flows. Faith works through love. The anointing flows from love and compassion. You cant work this up, it is from Grace so pray for Grace for His heart for others.

3) Practice, Practice, Practice. This is where I got some of the biggest breakthrough. I prayed for LOTS of people and feel in love with people in the process.

4) Get around people that are walking in a higher level of success than you. Faith and impartation is contagious and can jump on you!

5) Be pro-active about continued growth in healing the sick.

6) Keep feeding on miracle testimonies. Watch miracle videos. Watch videos where God looks bigger than sickness. Gods people, Ephraim, even though armed with bows, withdrew in the day of battle because they forgot God’s miracles. Psalm 78:9.

Remember and Keep track of your miracle victories in God (Not just for healing) this will feed your Spirit towards Courage and Faith.

7) Make Goals of praying for people. I set daily goals like “Pray for 1 person today for healing” “Prophesy over 1 person today” “Share the gospel to one person today” I didn’t always hit my target but prayed for way more people because I set up a plan to!

8) Focus on “Love never fails” and if they aren’t healed they can be loved. My friend Joey says this:

“You can minister to someone and they MIGHT get loved. But if you love someone they will ALWAYS be ministered too!”

9) People will not be upset at you if they are not healed. Most do not believe it will work anyways and will be surprised if it happens. LOL honesty most people are just being nice to us letting us pray for them and are shocked when Jesus heals them so you won’t make God look bad!!! :)))

It is normal in facing discouragement with anything you expect to see results in. One thing I do know that is 100% true is this: I see WAY more people saved, healed, and delivered than I did 7 years ago when I never prayed for anyone!

Am I 100% satisfied with the results I have? HECK NO, I WANT MORE!! I want to help every sick person be better. I have broke down weeping after a lady in a wheelchair left in a wheelchair. I was re-created to be able to help her.

But will I stop praying for the sick when facing defeat? HECK NO!!! I am pressing in for the more and God is moving in our generation like NEVER before!

The Church is AWAKENING to her identity and is on a global scale walking in God’s power and love like never before. So I am HUGELY encouraged to keep keeping on with world changers LIKE YOU and world changers in our Generation.


I hope that helps. I am learning and growing and pressing in for more breakthrough too! Thanks for reading this long post.

Note from Enoch153:

Remember, formulas don’t work – the Spirit works through you!

Stay in the Word, examine the Word, and constantly reevaluate

yourself with the help of other likeminded Believers.

Sons of God!

This link is from a dear friend who is a missionary with his wife in Albania. You have to hear this to believe it. Gary clearly describes what we should be as Christians. This is not the type of message 95% of the Christian world has heard before – but it works! It is to the point with proof! It is based upon true love. Take a listen and let me know what you think.