Who’s In Control?

How often have you heard someone relate some bad news, and end their remarks with “Well, God’s in control!”? What exactly does that mean? What exactly is the influence of such a concept upon us?

First, many people are trying to offer some encouragement – I get that.
Would we dare say something like that to those Syrians who are marked for torture AND beheading?! It could be somehow doctrinally factual but, is such a statement really helpful?

I think there’s a huge difference between believing/experiencing the sovereignty of God, versus the “God is in control” comment. First, we know that God is Almighty. We also know that God has granted us free will. We also know that bad things can happen to those of us who follow the Lord (2 Timothy 3:12).

Since we are blessed with the full armor of God, are we not to use it?
And before we “use” it, are we not first to have wisdom, love, and discernment among MANY other “prerequisites” like having our minds daily renewed in the Word, fervent prayer, responsibility, accountability, sincerity, integrity, compassion. . . which have much to do with working out our own salvation (Matthew 7:5 & Philippians 2:12) since we have to be potent examples of godliness, repentance, sincere testimony – that Holy Spirit power to inspire others to follow the Way, Truth, and the Life (Romans 14:10). All else is hypocrisy. Dead works.

So, what is the effect upon our psyche when we hear/say those words: God is in control. I believe that it causes resignation, fatalism, and passivity. Just the exact opposite of what we should be doing – in my opinion! If I suffer some mishap, tragedy, or other offense, and a brother says to me: “Take heart, we serve an Almighty God!” Or, “If God is with us, who can be against us!” Or, “His Grace is sufficient for you!” Or, Through His resurrection, Jesus has put ALL THINGS under His feet, and since the Holy Spirit resides in you, all things are brought under your feet!” Or, “We have the victory through Christ Jesus!” Well, these things communicate something TOTALLY different than just throwing up our hands and saying something about how mysterious God is!

Yes, God is a mystery if we don’t know Jesus! We have, should have, the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16). Meaning that even though we hold this treasure in earthen vessels and look through a dark glass, we have the Holy Spirit AND gifts of the Spirit! We are not under confusion, stumbling in darkness!

Jesus came to destroy the works of the evil one (1 John 3:8)! Obviously, we get blisters if our shoes are too tight – that is not the devil’s fault! My point is hopefully not lost here. Since the will of God is also for us to have life (John 10:10) more abundant ( not to be confused with the “prosperity” false Gospel), we very much need discretion, discernment, spiritual knowledge, and wisdom and all that goes with it to sort out the events of this present life. After all, we are one body (1 Corinthians 10:17), and we need to run the race of life, not as spirit filled individuals, but rather, as one Spirit filled/led team” (1 Corinthians 9:24).

We have the victorious outcome through Jesus Christ! How we arrive there is how we participate with the Lord!

Peace & Maranatha!

Why Is Repentance So Vital?

Matthew 3:2
Mark 1:15
Revelation 2:5 & 3:19

Repentance – it’s a huge barrier for so many people!
In one sense, who wants to be singled out for change?
In another respect, who wants to be told by someone acting holy that they require corrections? Third, who is foolish enough to believe that time is short?
After all, two thousand years have past since Jesus
established His Church. And finally, isn’t repentance for
people in serious trouble/danger – perhaps great for someone else but not me?

OK, I’ve listed just a few Scriptures above for the verb
form “repent”.  What I’d like to discuss is why repentance is great for those who are coming to a relationship with Jesus Christ. However, I believe that repentance is far greater for those of us who are already His!

The greater one’s spiritual progress/fruits/walk etc.
the greater need for repentance to maintain our
momentum, so to speak. Rather than an annual medical check-up, or an emergency trip to the mechanic when the car breaks down, we need to CONSTANTLY work with the Scriptures and Holy Spirit to monitor
ourselves as we renew the mind/new creation/new
man in Christ!
Much like brushing my teeth is not about problems,
but rather about prevention and good stewardship;
repentance is one of those tools or exercises that is promised to keep us in good shape through Grace by the corrective action of the Holy Spirit both motivating and being motivated by our change of heart.

Many of us live under varying degrees of spiritual oppression, and it’s a serious challenge NOT to become insulated or accepting of the corruption around us, especially when we think we are “untouched” by it. Therefore, we all need to examine ourselves, and constantly rebuke sins in WHATEVER form the evil one is throwing at us – most certainly
in the mind/heart, before they can take root and produce weeds/problems for us later.

Having a living relationship with the living God means that if we feel so secure as to loose concern for our salvation, we better think again – quickly!

I know that my words could easily be twisted here, but I’m simply encouraging as many as possible to be as vigilant as possible to safeguard what has been entrusted to us by the power of the Holy Spirit, and not rest in past actions of faith, but to press on toward the mark!

Editor’s Note: Repentance is also vital to us who belong to Jesus Christ because we have much more

at stake to lose if we neglect such a great help!

Why I Don’t Post Everyday!

Hi everybody. Just a quick note to explain why I don’t post everyday.
First, it’s easy to dwell upon negative doom and gloom information rather than the hope, joy, and love of Jesus Christ! I have downloaded so many links, articles, and other stuff instead of creating my own “diary” for you to read. After all, it’s not about me. If Jesus is your Lord, you should have a relationship rather than a lifestyle or religion. Don’t be troubled, fear not! Don’t be instigated or provoked by violence, the threat of violence, or any other evil. No matter how bad things seem to be, remember why you are here! You are sons of God to do His will with love and compassion to extend His kingdom! When you repent, you can set a good example when you are serving others. When you fast from things besides food, you will be sensitive to the needs of others. When you feast upon the words of God, you will be filled to share with others. When you are open to the Holy Spirit, you will be able by Grace to pour that out in love and compassion to those in need! We are sons of the living God, Jesus Christ. We must not be weary in putting our love for God into action – faith!