Ministries: Who Can We Trust?

The Scriptures are trustworthy, but who can you trust to interpret them? Since the Prophets, Pastors, Teachers, and
Evangelists disagree; it comes down to personal responsibility, action, and fruit bearing faith action. The difficult part is following Christ Jesus without getting caught up in following a ministry INSTEAD of Jesus! The proof of that unpleasant fact is often found in the initial question Christians ask one another when they meet for the first time: “What church (denomination) do you go to? Who are you with? What ministry are you with? This is just a regurgitation of the Apostle Paul’s complaint/warning in 1Cor. 1:12 where he describes a fractured community of believers. Apparently, we have not got that message! Where does that leave us? Back at the beginning, like the Bereans, testing the ministries to see if THEY are true and to what extent!