Who’s In Control?

How often have you heard someone relate some bad news, and end their remarks with “Well, God’s in control!”? What exactly does that mean? What exactly is the influence of such a concept upon us?

First, many people are trying to offer some encouragement – I get that.
Would we dare say something like that to those Syrians who are marked for torture AND beheading?! It could be somehow doctrinally factual but, is such a statement really helpful?

I think there’s a huge difference between believing/experiencing the sovereignty of God, versus the “God is in control” comment. First, we know that God is Almighty. We also know that God has granted us free will. We also know that bad things can happen to those of us who follow the Lord (2 Timothy 3:12).

Since we are blessed with the full armor of God, are we not to use it?
And before we “use” it, are we not first to have wisdom, love, and discernment among MANY other “prerequisites” like having our minds daily renewed in the Word, fervent prayer, responsibility, accountability, sincerity, integrity, compassion. . . which have much to do with working out our own salvation (Matthew 7:5 & Philippians 2:12) since we have to be potent examples of godliness, repentance, sincere testimony – that Holy Spirit power to inspire others to follow the Way, Truth, and the Life (Romans 14:10). All else is hypocrisy. Dead works.

So, what is the effect upon our psyche when we hear/say those words: God is in control. I believe that it causes resignation, fatalism, and passivity. Just the exact opposite of what we should be doing – in my opinion! If I suffer some mishap, tragedy, or other offense, and a brother says to me: “Take heart, we serve an Almighty God!” Or, “If God is with us, who can be against us!” Or, “His Grace is sufficient for you!” Or, Through His resurrection, Jesus has put ALL THINGS under His feet, and since the Holy Spirit resides in you, all things are brought under your feet!” Or, “We have the victory through Christ Jesus!” Well, these things communicate something TOTALLY different than just throwing up our hands and saying something about how mysterious God is!

Yes, God is a mystery if we don’t know Jesus! We have, should have, the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16). Meaning that even though we hold this treasure in earthen vessels and look through a dark glass, we have the Holy Spirit AND gifts of the Spirit! We are not under confusion, stumbling in darkness!

Jesus came to destroy the works of the evil one (1 John 3:8)! Obviously, we get blisters if our shoes are too tight – that is not the devil’s fault! My point is hopefully not lost here. Since the will of God is also for us to have life (John 10:10) more abundant ( not to be confused with the “prosperity” false Gospel), we very much need discretion, discernment, spiritual knowledge, and wisdom and all that goes with it to sort out the events of this present life. After all, we are one body (1 Corinthians 10:17), and we need to run the race of life, not as spirit filled individuals, but rather, as one Spirit filled/led team” (1 Corinthians 9:24).

We have the victorious outcome through Jesus Christ! How we arrive there is how we participate with the Lord!

Peace & Maranatha!


Why are Christians and the Christian Church seen as some kind of threat? Because of institutionalism! Once we take the teachings of Jesus Christ and manufacture a religion, we have just created a social/political entity with rules, regulations, AND enforcement with consequences!
When governments demand control over us, Christianity is often mistaken for an adversary. Under that scenario, when people discover the Gospel message AND its power, they become unwitting rebels. Rebels who make their neighbors VERY nervous about their comfort zones!
Ultimately, belief in God is tolerated. However, a visible “relationship” with the Lord Jesus Christ is to some, strangely attractive, yet to others, very threatening. Hence, the conflict.

If there were no “good” and no “evil” in the world, things might be fine. We would all just sort out our existence against natural forces and each other. Yet, the very existence of a real Creator with an action plan who has a very active “antagonist” results in the grand chessboard, or as they used to say in Roman times, the “arena” upon which those forces work with us for good or bad.
What I’m trying to say is that there is more to Christophobia than literally meets the eye. The unseen forces. principalities, and powers are waging spiritual warfare against humanity! Reason alone is not sufficient to describe the levels of vicious hatred and persecution that are being waged by so-called Christians, and their adversaries.
That’s just another great reason to pray for those who persecute us (Matthew 5:44; Romans 12:14; 1 Corinthians 4:12)!

Should we be surprised when we pray for our enemies and they are healed? Should we be surprised when we are hated for bearing spiritual fruit as proof of our Almighty God? These things can either serve to attract disciples, or their effect can be as heaping coals upon the head – the resulting outrage of realizing how wrong a person is!

Has anyone ever asked you if you “believe” you have a dad or mom? So, why do they ask if we “believe” in Jesus? We KNOW Him! He KNOWS us! We SPEAK to Him! He ANSWERS us through His Scripture, dreams, visions, prophecies, words of knowledge, and so much more!

Perhaps men can choose to dispute this with the power of reason. The devil very clearly opposes this with deception, temptation, half-truths, hatred, fury, violence, and every form of evil. Stay vigilant. Be the salt and light while the time remains.

Peace & Maranatha

Wars And Rumors Of Wars!

Mark 13:7
If there were only one, solitary, armed conflict in the entire world, and you were near it, it would be tragic!
Who would help you? Who would hear about your situation? Who would even care?

I’m enjoying the last days of Internet use. It will either get taken down very soon, or it will be so restricted as to be like network television!

There is so much going on all over the world – at least what we’re allowed to hear about! I constantly hear from travelers, or those with family/friends around the globe – things are absolutely horrible! Warfare and or the verge of warfare!

What will it take to wake people up to the Gospel message? What will be the final straw?

One thing I do know – my relationship with the living Lord, Jesus Christ, REQUIRES by its very nature, that I intercede on behalf as as many as possible! The fruit, or holy works that are born of the Spirit, manifest themselves by their very nature. In other words, we must be prayer warriors, vigilant watchmen, holding fast; not giving ANY ground to the enemy!

Especially in these days of technology, it may be difficult to conceive of, or be aware of just how much Holy Spirit power we have been granted by grace, in order to expand His kingdom with love and compassion! It is still a fact – we MUST act! Faith is action! It is God’s very nature to help. We have to do our part!
Every time you hear of persecution, suffering and conflict, exercise your authority as a Christian to intercede in the name of Jesus! Do not let your light be hidden! Don’t give up! That’s a huge reason why we are here – salt and light – whatever you want to call it. The saved and those not yet discipled are counting on us, even creation itself (Romans 8:19)!


Persecution Is NOT A Human Rights Issue!

Why is it that the Christians who are imprisoned, tortured, and otherwise persecuted are NOT those who carry out violence toward others? Why is that?

Their homes are burned; their children captured as slaves, or tortured and killed; they are imprisoned,
and beheaded! Why? Because they are so dangerous?
Because they are such a horrible threat?

Or is it because evil , working through men, seeks to
attack like a criminal – ONLY when they perceive that it is safe for them to do so without consequence?!

However, the Christian shows love to all! Why? Because
Jesus first loved us and gave Himself for us while we were lost. We do NOT accept the temptation to fight fire with fire!

Our “rights” come from God, not man! Our earthly
governments may assist, but they cannot give birth to, or guarantee our protection OR our rights!

These things all come from God!

Many are preaching that as times draw near, Christians will be relieved of persecution and suffering by being carried away in “the rapture”!

What does Jesus Christ have to say to us about that?
John 15:20. If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you!
John 16:33 We will have tribulation in the world!
Matthew 10:22 We will be HATED by all for My name’s
Matthew 5:10 Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven!
Additionally: Matthew 5:12 says to rejoice and be exceedingly glad for great is your reward in heaven!

If we are especially blessed with safety, freedom, and
prosperity, we have a holy calling – a natural reaction to assist our brothers and sisters in need.

Pray always. Feed upon the Word as much as possible.
Be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit to guide
and protect you as part of Christ’s real body, built for His glory!

INTERCEDE on behalf of those in need, and for those who persecute

in Jesus’ name, according to His will, by the power and grace of His

Holy Spirit!

All We Can Do Is Pray?

Have you heard this before? In conversation, people are frustrated or discouraged with the events of the day, and all the suffering in the world. So, the remark is often made “All we can do is pray!”

OK, that’s actually confessing defeat! 😡
Prayer is NOT a “wish” and prayer is NOT a last resort!

Here are only a few Scriptures:

First, who are we as Christians?
Romans 8:14 Sons of God!
2 Corinthians 5:2 Ambassadors of Christ!

Second, who are we communicating with?
1 Corinthians 15:20 The RISEN Lord!
1 Timothy 2:5 & Hebrews 8:6 Our personal Mediator!
Ephesians 1:22; 1 Corinthians 15:25 & 27 He has put
ALL enemies under His feet!

Hebrews 8:1 We have a High Priest who is seated at the right hand of the throne of majesty in the heavens!

Why pray?
Matthew 27:51 Through His Crucifixion AND Resurrection, He has placed ALL things under His feet!
Matthew 27:51 the veil separating us from the holy Temple was torn in two!
Ephesians 3:12 Therefore, we have direct access to God –
Hebrews 4:16 we BOLDLY enter into the throne of Grace !

Hebrews 6:19 Our prayers enter the presence of God behind the veil!

How should we pray?
Matthew 17:20 With the action of faith!
Mark 11:24 With the belief that is is ALREADY done!
John 14:13-14 In the name of Jesus!
Matthew 26:41 With the vigilance of a watchman!
Mark 11:25 With forgiveness for others.
John 11:22 With certainty!
1 Corinthians 1:9 BECAUSE GOD IS FAITHFUL!

Why are some prayers unanswered?
James 4:3 We ask for selfish, or other bad reasons!
We let ourselves sometimes be talked out of
faith. We are distracted. We are lazy.. . . .

Now that we are fully armed (Ehpesians 3:14-17)
what should we do?

Lord, come quickly!

Light vs. Darkness – Really?

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Peace to ALL who read this!

In most Blogs, there’s a tendency to post the most horrific, outrageous,

or sensational information, in order to get the most possible numbers of “views”! I hope that whoever is reading this will be inspired to focus on what the Lord is doing, rather than being fearfully distracted by all the conflicts that are erupting.

Every generation has its’ trials and tribulations.
We are no different. However, our generation is on the edge of the Apocalypse! Many Scriptures, and many interpretations of Scripture witness to that.

There is no shortage of evil deeds AND evil doers.
We are surrounded by catastrophic persecution!
Apparently, evil is not satisfied with that, to the extent
that it is also sowing confusion by warring WITHIN their own ranks!

As Christians, we may be tempted to suffer silently,
hope for a quick exit (rapture), or worse,  to pick up arms to fight fire with fire!

Since we “wrestle not with flesh and blood” it is essential to have knowledge of our adversary (“who goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour” ) AND to have experience with our spiritual armor and weapons.

King Jesus is victorious through His sacrifice AND resurrection! Therefore we share in that victory, and help expand His kingdom with truth, love and Holy Spirit power!

My point? The evil one has no power of his own – only that which he and his followers can siphon from the living. Yes, the evil one has no power of his own. Therefore, according to the Gospel of the Apostle John, evil could not and can not encircle (KJV: comprehend) the light!

My point? All the darkness in the world cannot blot out the light of a single candle! Where’s the balance in that? There is none! Forget about yin and yang – it doesn’t exist!

God’s Word goes out and does NOT return void. Meaning, His Word NEVER diminishes! His Word CONTINUES and, analogous to natural light, goes forth casting out darkness FOREVER!

The Lord tells us to never hide our light under a basket
because our light is His gift whose purpose is to share!
Yes, we have so many gifts – such profound Grace!

No matter what happens, you are – we are going through tests. Whatever they did to Jesus, He promises the same to us. However, He also says that we will do even greater things too! This is not to puff up our ego.

Remain conscious of who you are in Christ. Keep His words in your heart, renewing your mind, fearing only the Father. Water your spiritual garden with the sincere tears of repentance. Weed out sinful thoughts before they sprout into sinful actions. Graze upon the
Words of Life. Take up the full armor of God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you! Intercede on behalf of those in need.

According to the Apostle Paul: DO NOT GIVE GROUND! Be vigilant (stand guard). Encourage one another. Emmanuel: God is with us! Maranatha!

World Watch List 2015

Open Doors has published its 2015 World Watch List
that ranks countries by their level of Christian persecution.
Unfortunately, no list is perfect. For example, I know as a fact that Venezuela should be on the list based upon persecution of Christians under the Maduro regime! In any case – please check it out:



Any idiot can pray for their friends. It takes REAL love to pray for those who persecute you/us!

Pray in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ for:
1) Those who persecute; for Jesus to reveal Himself to them.
2) The repentance of those who persecute Christians.
3) The persecutors to receive salvation, discipleship, and relationship with the living God.
4) The persecuted being great representatives of Jesus;
expanding His Kingdom via Truth, Love, and Holy Spirit power!
5) Their families, friends, and local churches having strength, and peace.
6) The awareness of the unity of Believers praying for the persecuted, encouraging them to be strong.
7) Those in the West to be sensitive to the needs of the persecuted Church – to respond via intercession AND other means of support.
We THANK You Lord Jesus Christ for this in faith!

More Atrocities!

Who can keep up with all the insanity going on around
the globe? My advice is that whenever you encounter

news reporting persecution of Christians, we should take

the following action: 1) realize that our prayers/intercessions

are not “wishes” 2) we must identify areas where we can

be actively supporting our persecuted brothers and

sisters, and 3) don’t “think” but “act” the way a prayer warrior acts! We cannot put out

every fire. Pick and choose where to jump in, but by all means, JUMP IN!

We don’t return violence for violence. We are called to recognize

AND meet the needs of others. Do not be discouraged by what you “think”

is too much to handle, or that your part won’t make a dent – that’s just

more deception. EVERYTHING we do makes a difference! It’s not

up to us to measure our own efforts. Go with what the Holy Spirit

gives you!