Light vs. Darkness – Really?

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Peace to ALL who read this!

In most Blogs, there’s a tendency to post the most horrific, outrageous,

or sensational information, in order to get the most possible numbers of “views”! I hope that whoever is reading this will be inspired to focus on what the Lord is doing, rather than being fearfully distracted by all the conflicts that are erupting.

Every generation has its’ trials and tribulations.
We are no different. However, our generation is on the edge of the Apocalypse! Many Scriptures, and many interpretations of Scripture witness to that.

There is no shortage of evil deeds AND evil doers.
We are surrounded by catastrophic persecution!
Apparently, evil is not satisfied with that, to the extent
that it is also sowing confusion by warring WITHIN their own ranks!

As Christians, we may be tempted to suffer silently,
hope for a quick exit (rapture), or worse,  to pick up arms to fight fire with fire!

Since we “wrestle not with flesh and blood” it is essential to have knowledge of our adversary (“who goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour” ) AND to have experience with our spiritual armor and weapons.

King Jesus is victorious through His sacrifice AND resurrection! Therefore we share in that victory, and help expand His kingdom with truth, love and Holy Spirit power!

My point? The evil one has no power of his own – only that which he and his followers can siphon from the living. Yes, the evil one has no power of his own. Therefore, according to the Gospel of the Apostle John, evil could not and can not encircle (KJV: comprehend) the light!

My point? All the darkness in the world cannot blot out the light of a single candle! Where’s the balance in that? There is none! Forget about yin and yang – it doesn’t exist!

God’s Word goes out and does NOT return void. Meaning, His Word NEVER diminishes! His Word CONTINUES and, analogous to natural light, goes forth casting out darkness FOREVER!

The Lord tells us to never hide our light under a basket
because our light is His gift whose purpose is to share!
Yes, we have so many gifts – such profound Grace!

No matter what happens, you are – we are going through tests. Whatever they did to Jesus, He promises the same to us. However, He also says that we will do even greater things too! This is not to puff up our ego.

Remain conscious of who you are in Christ. Keep His words in your heart, renewing your mind, fearing only the Father. Water your spiritual garden with the sincere tears of repentance. Weed out sinful thoughts before they sprout into sinful actions. Graze upon the
Words of Life. Take up the full armor of God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you! Intercede on behalf of those in need.

According to the Apostle Paul: DO NOT GIVE GROUND! Be vigilant (stand guard). Encourage one another. Emmanuel: God is with us! Maranatha!