Asking The Right Question?

Beware of certain questions. Not questions that challenge our comfort zones (spiritual or otherwise).  I’m referring to those questions that PRESUME too much, or those that create unrealistic parameters – a logic trap of sorts.

Once we realize that Christian faith is an “action” rather than a possession, we start to discover a “truth continuum” that reveals itself by its very nature. Sound familiar?

Fact: the way that Jesus decides to reveal Himself is quite up to Him! That many people have doubts, or openly oppose the existence of Christ Jesus our Lord and God can tempt some of us to strive for some type of proof, proof enough to make a convincing point.

Although astrophysics and biochemistry may shed important points of data about certain aspects of God’s creation, and CERN researchers are striving to uncover insights about the quantum nature of the physical universe and time itself, the fact remains that
a living relationship with a real God is about viability and trust – NOT information! Either His promises and actions are true, or they are not. It’s not about the level or amount of information acquired – that’s Gnosticism!

Meditate on that.

If knowledge and information were the measure of a Christian, then heaven would be populated by martyred theologians and scholars! I say “martyred” because of the ultimate personal sacrifice on behalf of another. However, we can obviously see that such is not the case.

When listening to scientists who have received Christ as their Lord (I say “received” because scientists sometimes think that they have “discovered” Him😃), they often make a strong case that naturally appeals to the intellect.

Often, their foundation is the ego because, ultimately, none of these intelligent experts want to be perceived as an idiot. So, their self respect can sometimes come from providing a solid argument.

When Jesus Christ steps into your life and you are restored in mind, body, soul, or all three, do you rush to analyze? If you are risen from the dead, or raise someone from the dead, do you clinically evaluate the process? Or do you raise your arms and your heart to offer praises and glory to the King of all?!

This is NOT anti intellectualism.

Beware of incredibly stupid phrases like “blind faith”!
Faith is by no means “blind”! The whole thing is an evil
saying to confuse the people of the true nature of living faith, and our living God!

Two different resources for your inspection are:

The first one is by author Josh Peck. The second one features

various scientists who are Christians! Judge for yourself.