Come Out of Her My People!

For many years, people have been interpreting various Scriptures that point to “one world religion” as part of
either Anti-Christ’s plans, the end times, or both.

Here is my personal warning: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE
do NOT tell yourself that when events pass a certain
point, only then will you respond with whatever reaction for self preservation!

By the time you are able to discern that “last straw”

The following link provides one more example of
the attempt to create some type of global Christian
federation, of course, under the Vatican umbrella!

I’m not trying to encourage any kind of hate or religious hysteria – I’m simply providing more evidence that the witness of Scripture testifies to concerning “global Christianity” or “unity” at any price.

The link describes mostly Lutheran negotiations. Please understand that this “process” is being conducted by the Vatican simultaneously among several other denominations.  See for yourself.