Why are Christians and the Christian Church seen as some kind of threat? Because of institutionalism! Once we take the teachings of Jesus Christ and manufacture a religion, we have just created a social/political entity with rules, regulations, AND enforcement with consequences!
When governments demand control over us, Christianity is often mistaken for an adversary. Under that scenario, when people discover the Gospel message AND its power, they become unwitting rebels. Rebels who make their neighbors VERY nervous about their comfort zones!
Ultimately, belief in God is tolerated. However, a visible “relationship” with the Lord Jesus Christ is to some, strangely attractive, yet to others, very threatening. Hence, the conflict.

If there were no “good” and no “evil” in the world, things might be fine. We would all just sort out our existence against natural forces and each other. Yet, the very existence of a real Creator with an action plan who has a very active “antagonist” results in the grand chessboard, or as they used to say in Roman times, the “arena” upon which those forces work with us for good or bad.
What I’m trying to say is that there is more to Christophobia than literally meets the eye. The unseen forces. principalities, and powers are waging spiritual warfare against humanity! Reason alone is not sufficient to describe the levels of vicious hatred and persecution that are being waged by so-called Christians, and their adversaries.
That’s just another great reason to pray for those who persecute us (Matthew 5:44; Romans 12:14; 1 Corinthians 4:12)!

Should we be surprised when we pray for our enemies and they are healed? Should we be surprised when we are hated for bearing spiritual fruit as proof of our Almighty God? These things can either serve to attract disciples, or their effect can be as heaping coals upon the head – the resulting outrage of realizing how wrong a person is!

Has anyone ever asked you if you “believe” you have a dad or mom? So, why do they ask if we “believe” in Jesus? We KNOW Him! He KNOWS us! We SPEAK to Him! He ANSWERS us through His Scripture, dreams, visions, prophecies, words of knowledge, and so much more!

Perhaps men can choose to dispute this with the power of reason. The devil very clearly opposes this with deception, temptation, half-truths, hatred, fury, violence, and every form of evil. Stay vigilant. Be the salt and light while the time remains.

Peace & Maranatha